Verizon Adds New Unlimited Data Plan With More Perks, But It's Also More Expensive


Verizon is launching a new unlimited data plan to cater to more needs and preferences. It's a more expensive tier called "Above Unlimited," and it offers extra perks compared to the other available tiers.

The carrier was already offering "Go Unlimited" and "Beyond Unlimited" plans, each with its own features and characteristics, but the new "Above Unlimited" comes as a more premium option for those who want more.

Mix And Match Verizon Tiers

Since not all members of a household have the same needs when it comes to wireless data, the same tier may not be suitable for all. To offer more possibilities, Verizon is allowing customers to mix and match various tiers on the same family plan. This feature is set to go into effect next Monday, on June 18, aiming to make it easier to manage tiers and options on the same account.

"People have told us what they want from their unlimited plan, and the bottom line is that they don't like paying more for stuff they don't need," explains Ronan Dunne, who leads the wireless division at Verizon.

While some family members may only need basic features from an unlimited plan, others might require more premium features such as 4G LTE mobile hotspots or HD video.

The latest changes mark a logical adaptation to current needs, rather than the previous one-size-fits-all approach.

Verizon Unlimited Plans: Introducing Above Unlimited

With the addition of the latest option, Verizon now offers three unlimited plans. Go Unlimited and Above Unlimited remain unchanged, offering the same features at the same prices as before.

Meanwhile, the new Above Unlimited plan offers 75 GB of premium 4G data, 20 GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot, HD video streaming, five TravelPass sessions per month, and 500 GB of Verizon Cloud storage. However, the extra perks come at a steeper price and the new Above Unlimited tier costs $60 per line per month, for four lines.

The fewer the lines on one account, the higher the price. For three lines it costs $70 per line per month, for two lines it goes up to $90 per line per month, while for just one line it will cost $95.

While more flexibility to mix and match plans on the same account is a welcome change, it's tough not to notice that Verizon is adding a pricier tier when its rivals are upping the competition. Sprint just recently announced a cheap tier that costs just $15 per month, T-Mobile offers zero-rating Netflix streaming and various other perks with T-Mobile Tuesdays, and AT&T offers HBO for free.

On the other hand, Verizon offers the fastest 4G LTE speeds in the United States, which might be more appealing to prospective customers looking for fast connections.

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