iPhone X, MacBook Pro Hardware Issues Confirmed, Apple Offering Free Repairs


Apple devices are expensive, far more expensive than competing brands that are arguably just as capable. This has not been a secret since the days of the first iPhone, and although people have to shell out more to get these devices, they can at least be assured that they're getting top-of-the-line, premium-quality products.

Those days, however, seem to be over. Nowadays, an Apple stamp doesn't necessarily mean a seal of quality. Gone are the days when all Apple devices are just supposed to work out of the box, no questions asked. Now, customers don't know what hardware or software issue might be in store.

Apple iPhone X, MacBook Pro Problems

Such is the case with last year's iPhone X and the baseline MacBook Pro without the Touch Bar. By recently launching a free repair program that aims to fix issues with these aforementioned devices, Apple has now essentially admitted that they have indeed some serious issues.

Free MacBook Pro Repair

In the case of the MacBook Pro, Apple says a "limited number" of 128 GB and 256 GB non-Touch Bar variants sold between June 2017 and June 2018 have an issue with their solid state drives, which could result in "data loss and failure."

Apple is offering free servicing for affected units and also encourages customers to get their devices checked out sooner rather than later. Owners can visit Apple's service page to determine whether their MacBook Pro is eligible for a free repair. The listing says MacBook Pro models with Touch Bar and older models aren't affected.

Free iPhone X Repair

In the case of the iPhone X, on the other hand, Apple says some units might experience "touch issues" because of a failed component in the display module. Apparently, parts of the display might be unresponsive, might respond only part of the time, or respond even when the user isn't touching it.

Apple says it will repair the display module for free. However, it notes that when the device has other issues on top of that, such as a cracked screen, owners would need to get that sorted out first before sending their device off to the Cupertino brand. Or they can send the cracked iPhone X to Apple and the company will promptly charge for repairing that particular issue. Apple also says that users might be able to receive a refund if they've already paid to have the display module replaced.

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