SouljaGame: Rapper Soulja Boy Releases Handheld Game Console


After reaching No. 1 on the Billboard charts in 2007, rapper Soulja Boy is now on a new journey as a tech entrepreneur. One of his products is SouljaGame Handheld, a handheld game console that has 3,000 built-in games.


Rapper Soulja boy is going into the game console industry with his self-branded SouljaGame Console and SouljaGame Handheld. The $99.99 handheld console, which has dropped from the original $199.99, boasts a colored display, a 3-inch screen, and 3,000 built-in games. The description also states that it can be connected to the TV, with a game speed of 1:1 output.

However, there is no specific list of exactly which games are included in the console or whether the games are licensed, especially with its “type” description that appears to suggest that it supports Nintendo Switch, 3DS, PS Vita, NEOGEO, Gameboy, GBC, and GBA Handheld.

Product Criticisms

Furthermore, some are rather skeptical about the consoles and their specifications and quality, as the console manufacturer listed in the product page, Anbernic, also evidently sells very similar products on Amazon and Alibaba for a fraction of the price. It doesn’t help either that the product photos have several typographical errors.

That said, and despite the criticisms and doubts, Soulja Boy himself tweeted that he has already earned $250,000 in console sales just 24 hours after their release.

Soulja Boy Gadgets

Video game consoles aren’t the only Soulja Boy brand items that are up for grabs. His online store also showcases the SouljaHeadphones, which are wireless bluetooth headphones, SouljaPods, the SouljaPad tablet, the SouljaWatch smartwatch, and the SouljaPhone Ht70 smartphone.

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