Alleged renders of LG's upcoming flagship have now hit the internet, and they confirm previous reports suggesting the phone will have five cameras.

The device, reportedly named V40 ThinQ following LG's "ThinQ" naming scheme, features three cameras horizontally lined up on the back, which leaves the other two on the front, one of which being a standard selfie camera and the other being a face scanner of sorts. Allegedly, of course.

LG V40 ThinQ Leaked

The images posted by MySmartPrice shows a phone that shares similarities with the V30 in terms of design, but because this seems to have far thinner bezels than its predecessor, it actually looks more like a Samsung Galaxy S9 when the notch is obscured by black bars.

That's right — LG is putting a notch on its forthcoming flagship, although that might not matter that much because, as the renders make clear, users will have the option to keep it hidden and pretend that the top bezel is just one, uninterrupted strip.

Enough with the front, though. The real showstopper here is the back, which features not one, not two, but three cameras. If these leaked images are real, then LG will be the second manufacturer to release a phone with a three-camera system — Huawei was first with its P20 Pro. Tough luck, LG.

Speaking of, has LG ever been the first at something? Maybe it could be the first to make a foldable smartphone, but it's going to have to fight Samsung and Huawei for that honor, as those two companies are already duking it out in that department.

Back to the V40's three-camera set up on the back, it's not clear exactly what these three cameras will be, though it's a safe bet that one of them will be a wide-angle lens, one telephoto, and one standard. LG could also forget all that and implement a monochrome/RGB system instead, like on most of Huawei's phones.

LG V40 ThinQ Release Date

LG is reportedly set to unveil the V40 ThinQ around the middle of November, but as always with rumors, take everything with a grain of salt. Even if that unveiling schedule is true, plans can always change. It does make a bit of sense, however. Apple is expected to announce three new iPhones this September, and of course, those will be all what everyone will be talking about. LG could make a splash in November and steal Apple's spotlight.

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