Gone are the days when Twitter's algorithm made it hard for its users to see the latest news, as the micro-blogging app rolls out an update enabling people to experience a reverse-chronological feed, at least for iPhone users.

Twitter launched on Tuesday the newest heaven-sent feature that will make it easier to know what's happening real-time, a clear deviation from its algorithm that puts the most popular tweets on top regardless if these were created an hour or even days ago. To enable the reverse-chronological feed, the company introduced the "sparkle" icon, as of now, for iOS users only.

Switching To Reverse-Chronological Feed

To switch to the reverse-chronological feed, first, update the iPhone app. Then launch the Twitter app and click on the sparkle button located at the top right. Voila, fresh updates will appear on top.

Twitter will observe users' behavior upon launching the reverse-chronological feed. If one happens to always switch back to see fresh tweets, then the app will make this the default setting.

Meanwhile, this feature has been tested by lucky iOS users back in October, but it's only now that Twitter is making this permanent. For Android and web users, they may have to wait until after the holidays before the update comes.

The small yet powerful icon comes as Twitter recognizes what it is best known for, real-time updates, the company said. Moreover, it could be helpful in live events like the Oscars or sports games.

Twitter's Algorithm

Twitter's algorithmic timeline went live closely four years ago, deciding what to place on the top of its users' feeds. This came on the heels of the success of Facebook, reinventing itself to up its game.

People complained of the rules imposed, although an "off" switch can be found deep within the layers of the settings of the app and which will revert to the older system. Most users didn't know this, evident by the throngs of grievances aired every time there are live events.

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