Cheaper Withings Smartwatch That Can Check Heart Rythm Patterns Rivals Apple Watch


Withings' newly introduced Move ECG is going for the Apple Watch by offering the new tech at a lower price but with also the same function as the more popular one.

Withings, which has had quite rocky years prior to this release with the French company being acquired by Nokia and then rebought by Eric Carreel in May 2018, is plunging into the wearable tech battle with the Move ECG that has a price tag of $129.95, comparably far below the Apple Watch, which sells for $350.

How The Withings Move ECG Works

This uses three electrodes in measuring heart rhythm patterns, two of which are at the back and one located at the bezel. Owners just need to touch the sides of the bezel and wait a little longer until they feel a vibration, a signal that the reading is over.

Data can be seen through a partner app called Health Mate, where, with long-term use, owners can see accumulated information which can be exported. Interestingly, Apple Watch boasts the same feature, although it is not the sole smartwatch that offers the same function.

Although it has the same use as that of most wearable techs nowadays, the Withings Move ECG has an analog interface. This saves battery than other smartwatch in the market, thanks to the monitor-less design.

Apple Watch FDA Clearance

Apple Watch's edge over Withings' version is that it has a Food and Drug Administration clearance, although this doesn't mean the latter company can't sell their Move ECG watch. It's just that a clearance means they can ramp up marketing campaigns and it can serve as a booster to its image.

To be fair, Apple Watch got an FDA clearance with reservations, with the health agency saying that the gadget is "not intended to replace traditional methods of diagnosis or treatment." Meanwhile, the Move ECG will arrive by second quarter of 2019, while another lower-end that doesn't have the ECG feature but from the same line will sell for just $69.95 and will start shipping on Feb. 5.

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