At the CES 2019, Google announced some exciting new features for its Assistant, including the Interpreter Mode, wherein users will be able to easily have conversations translated in real-time.

Gone are the days when travelers need heavy dictionaries in foreign languages to talk to the natives as artificial intelligence just made it possible to converse with other people from different places by just uttering a few words to command your gadget. Case in point is Google Assistant's new Interpreter Mode, which was just one of the upgrades revealed of late.

Google Assistant's Capability To Translate 27 Languages

The Interpreter Mode allows translation of 27 languages, which is not even half of all there is. However, those who tried it gave rave reviews about it.

To use this feature, simply say "Hey, Google, be my (insert language) interpreter," and after a short beep, the Assistant asks the user to start speaking. After which, owners will hear another beep and then the tech will recite the translation. If on display, it will show the message via texts.

"Our core focus is to make a product that can understand everything you say, can hear you, can convert those intents into actions and help you fulfill them," vice president of product for Google Assistant Manuel Bronstein said.

Google Assistant's Interpreter Mode Demo

Just before it was officially unveiled at the biggest tech show, the company showed how it worked. A German-speaking Google employee approached a concierge at Caesar's Palace and asked for show tickets.

Clueless about what the guest was talking about, the casino hotel staff sought the help of Google Hub. As a result, the guest and the concierge had a meaningful conversation and the German got the tickets he was asking about.

One of the observers from one outlet who also tried to use the same feature noted how the short pauses were time-consuming, and Google said it is still working out some of the Interpret Mode's kinks.

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