Rebecca Hendricks, Mom Of 5-Year-Old Who Died From Flu, Now Warning Others Of Flu Dangers


A mother is now speaking out about the dangers of the flu years after her 5-year-old daughter died from it. She is now the founder of an organization that aims to educate people about the flu, and to provide support for those affected by it.

Young Child’s Flu Death

It was four years ago when Rebecca Hendricks received a call to pick up her 5-year-old daughter Scarlet from school because of a high fever. When they got home, she gave Scarlet Tylenol and let her rest. The next day began rather normally for the mother and daughter, but Rebecca soon noticed that Scarlet was making a strange breathing noise.

Rebecca brought Scarlet to the hospital, thinking that they will get out with new medicines, but unfortunately, Scarlet died just hours later. Two weeks after her death, Rebecca learned that Scarlet had died from respiratory failure due to H3N2 flu.

The End-FLUenza Project

Now, as the founder of The End-FLUenza Project, Rebecca is speaking out about the dangers of the flu in hopes of raising awareness and prompting many to take precautions. According to Rebecca, before Scarlet’s death, she was not aware of the possible dangers of the flu, its symptoms, and that it could be fatal to even healthy children. In fact, she did not vaccinate any of her children, thinking that it wasn’t important because it wasn’t mandatory.

Now, Rebecca is a firm advocate of the flu vaccine, saying that people should not think that it will never happen to them. The organization she founded is comprised of different people who were all affected by the flu in some way, whether they lost a loved one to it, or are survivors of the flu themselves.

Through the organization, they aim to increase vaccination rates by helping families to make informed decisions about it, and to help people to make better lifestyle choices to prevent them as well as their loved ones from getting the flu. Furthermore, the organization also provides support for anyone affected by the flu.

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