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Food Additive Used In Crackers, Meat, And Fried Food Can Make People More Susceptible To Flu

A common food additive suppressed two types of T cells, which respond to the influenza virus when a person is infected, in lab mice. It also affected the immune system's memory response and reduce the effectiveness of vaccines.

Public Health April 9, 2019

Iowa Health Officials Report First Child Death From Flu This Season

Iowa health officials revealed the death of a child in the state's latest flu weekly report. To prevent the spread of the disease, the state recommends getting a flu shot.

Public Health March 11, 2019

Killer Immune Cells Could Fight Off 3 Influenza Strains Permanently

Strains of flu virus mutate each season, making it difficult for the immune system to detect and fight off infection. A new study showed renewed hope for a universal flu vaccine that could attach all three strains of influenza virus.

Public Health February 21, 2019

Rebecca Hendricks, Mom Of 5-Year-Old Who Died From Flu, Now Warning Others Of Flu Dangers

The mother of a child who had died from the flu is warning others of its dangers. She founded an organization that aims to educate people about the flu.

Public Health January 11, 2019

4-Year-Old Boy Develops Rare Brain-Damaging Disease After Contracting The Flu

Andre Carson, a 4-year-old who loves basketball, developed acute necrotizing encephalopathy after he contracted the H1N1 flu virus. He is lucky to survive because 30 percent of those who contract the illness die.

Public Health December 26, 2018

41 Percent Of American Adults Skipping Flu Vaccine This Year: Survey

Nearly half of American adults are planning to skip the flu vaccine this season, according to a survey. Are they putting other people at risk?

Public Health December 7, 2018

Flu Vaccines Recommended Ahead Of Flu Season: Is It Time To Vaccinate?

Is it too early to get the yearly vaccination against the flu? October is the recommended vaccination time, but some members of the community are recommended to get it earlier.

Public Health September 9, 2018

New Flu Vaccine Works Better Than Typical Flu Shot, But Only A Little

The United States is trying to create a new kind of vaccine that works better in protecting people against influenza. Flucelvax, a vaccine made in cell cultures instead of chicken eggs, could be the answer.

Medicine June 22, 2018

Researchers Will Give You $3,500 To Get The Flu And Stay At ‘Hotel Influenza’

Researchers from Saint Louis University have a crazy proposition: stay in this hotel for 10 days, get infected with influenza, then receive $3,500 when it’s all over. Up for the challenge?

Public Health June 9, 2018

Bill Gates Donates $12 Million, Challenges United States To Lead Fight Against Flu

Bill Gates announced a significant challenge for scientists as he pledged $12 million for the creation of a universal influenza vaccine. The Microsoft cofounder has been at the forefront of strengthening vaccines.

Medicine April 27, 2018

NIAID Plans To Develop A Universal Influenza Vaccine

With the influenza virus constantly mutating, the next influenza season may bring in more deaths. Fortunately, a universal flu virus by the NIH’s NIAID is coming soon with an efficiency of 75 percent.

Medicine March 3, 2018

CDC Says Flu Season Appears To Have Peaked, But Activity Levels Still High

It appears the United States has gotten through one of the worst flu season s in recent memory. New data from the CDC shows that hospitalization rates from flu-related cases are on the decline.

Public Health February 24, 2018

Nasal Flu Vaccine FluMist OK To Use Again, Advisers Say

A federal advisory group gave doctors a go-ahead to use the nasal flu vaccine spray FluMist for 2018-2019 flu season. This will be an added protection for citizens as the brutal flu outbreak continues to claim more lives.

Public Health February 22, 2018

This Year's Flu Vaccine Is More Effective In Young Children, CDC Says

Are your children already vaccinated for the flu? Recent data published by the CDC show that this year’s vaccines are actually more than 50 percent effective in protecting younger patients.

Public Health February 16, 2018

Influenza May Increase Risk Of Heart Attack By Six Times: Study

The influenza virus can cause more than just respiratory symptoms, a Canadian study found. Based on hospital records and flu test results, the infection puts a person at higher risk of having a heart attack.

Public Health January 26, 2018

People Born Before 1968 More At Risk Of Deady Aussie Flu: H3N2 Virus Symptoms To Watch Out For

Age is a risk factor for H3N2. Hospitalization rates are higher for people between 55 and 64 years old. What should older people do to protect themselves from Aussie flu virus?

Public Health January 15, 2018

Flu Vaccines May Not Work Because They Grow In Chicken Eggs

Flu vaccines, when allowed to grow in chicken eggs, undergo mutations that renders the vaccine ineffective. While not as effective as intended, experts still encourage the public to still get their flu shots.

Public Health November 7, 2017

Painless 'Microneedle' Patches Work As Well As Flu Injections

Researchers have developed new microneedle patches that can administer flu vaccines without the pain of using regular shots. People can simply press the patches on their skin and wait for the vaccine to be absorbed by their bodies.

Medicine June 28, 2017

Healthy Kids Can Die From Flu: What Health Experts Recommend To Prevent This

Children with medical conditions have increased risk for flu-related complications and death. A new study by researchers from CDC, however, revealed fatal cases of children who were healthy before contracting the influenza virus.

Public Health April 5, 2017

Flu Vaccination Can Save Lives Of Children: Study

A CDC study revealed that vaccinated children run a lesser risk of succumbing to flu virus, compared with non-vaccinated kids. The result was determined after a data analysis of four flu seasons from 2010 to 2014.

Public Health April 5, 2017

Winter Blues: Are You Having A Cold Or The Flu?

The CDC noted that it could be hard to tell the flu from a cold, since both are viral in nature and lead to similar symptoms. The only surefire way to know is to consult a doctor and get a flu test.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 11, 2017

Watch Out For Cold Spells! You’re Likelier To Catch The Flu After Outdoor Temperature Suddenly Drops

After looking into three years’ worth of scientific data from 20,000 virus samples and weather statistics, researchers from Sweden found that flu outbreaks always begin a week after the first cold spell of winter.

Public Health January 26, 2017

Flu Season Is In Full Swing: Here Are The Big 3 For Prevention, According To The CDC

The CDC highlights three actions to fight the bug this flu season: get the flu shot, implement preventive measures, and explore doctor-prescribed antiviral drugs.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 9, 2017

Flu Cases On The Rise: Experts Issue Vaccine Recommendations

Specialists issue vaccination recommendations against flu, since more cases have been recorded. The virus, A H3N2, is best avoided through vaccine and not other alternative means.

Public Health January 7, 2017

Scientists Develop Two Universal Flu Vaccines To Protect Against Future Pandemics

Flu season is here and the CDC is urging Americans to get vaccinated. Understanding the importance of flu vaccines, researchers have developed two universal formulations offering better, longer-lasting protection.

Medicine October 1, 2016

Pediatricians Recommend Kids To Get Flu Vaccine In The Form Of Shot Not Nasal Spray

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommended that children get flu vaccine in the form of shot and not through nasal spray. Studies found that FluMist was only 3 percent effective during the past flu seasons.

Public Health September 7, 2016

Flu Vaccine Lowers Heart Failure And Stroke-Related Hospitalization Rates In Patients With Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes patients who were vaccinated with flu vaccine are less likely to be admitted to the hospital because of stroke and heart failure. They also have lower risk of death during the flu season.

Medicine July 26, 2016

Flu Jab Is More Effective When Given Early In The Morning, Study Says

Flu shots given early in the morning are more effective than ones given later during the day, revealed a new study done by researchers at the University of Birmingham. These findings could prove instrumental in improving the overall vaccination strategies.

Public Health April 27, 2016

Nurse Who Reused Flu Shot Syringes Committed Other Blunders: CDC

TotalWellness and Mary Roback both committed errors. Apart from reusing syringes to administer 67 flu vaccines to Otsuka Pharmaceutical employees, the vaccines were not properly stored, transported and handled.

Life December 21, 2015

Early Flu Vaccine Tied To Fewer Symptoms, Reduced Times Missed At Work

Health care workers vaccinated earlier in the season exhibited less flu-like symptoms and were less likely to lose working days. However, there are still misconceptions about flu shots that are preventing them from getting inoculated.

Life December 14, 2015

New Vaccine Strategy Protects Cancer Patients From Flu

Scientists presented a novel vaccine strategy to lower influenza infection risks among cancer patients who are most at risk. The flu vaccine technique reduced infection to 6 percent instead of the projected 20 percent.

Life December 8, 2015

Permanent Flu Vaccine Could Make Annual Shots A Thing Of The Past

The constant mutation of the influenza virus strains make getting permanent immunity for flu difficult to achieve but if it can be made possible, annual flu shots and billions of dollars lost to these yearly efforts can become a thing of the past.

Life November 12, 2015

Spike In Flu Cases Prompts Australia To Add Another Strain To Vaccine For 2016 Season

Instead of the three typical flu strains, the new vaccine in Australia will comprise four strains - two influenza A and two influenza B strains - based on WHO recommendations. Influenza B strains are believed to have caused about 62 percent of flu cases in Australia during the winter.

Life November 7, 2015

Popular Statin-Based Cholesterol Drugs May Reduce Effectiveness Of Flu Vaccines

Studies found that patients who take statin-based cholesterol medications may be lowering the protection of flu vaccines. Statin was also associated with reduced immune response and higher risks of respiratory illnesses during flu season.

Life October 31, 2015

Indiana Records First Flu Related Death Of The Season

The flu season is expected to kick start this December, but a flu-related death was first reported in Indiana this early. Hence, health officials are recommending that families get their flu shots immediately.

Life October 29, 2015

Uninsured Adults Can Get Free Flu Shots Starting This Week

With flu season closing in, healthcare experts recommend for everyone at least 6 month old and above to get their annual flu shot. A Springfield based coalition is offering these flu vaccines for free to the uninsured adults.

Life October 20, 2015

USDA Awards Harrisvaccines, Ceva Corp With Contracts To Manufacture Bird Flu Vaccine

The USDA has awarded contracts to drug companies Ceva Corp and Harrisvaccines to manufacture bird flu vaccines. This is in preparation for possible avian influenza outbreaks in the future.

Life October 15, 2015

Everybody Urged To Get Flu Shots: Vaccine Expected To Provide More Protection Than Last Year’s

CDC said at least 171 million doses of flu vaccine are expected in 2015. CDC director Tom Frieden urged Americans to “just get one” for protection.

Life October 9, 2015

Nurse Giving Workplace Flu Shots Used Same Syringe On 67 People

Sixty-seven employees of a pharmaceutical company in New Jersey are facing a health scare. The company discovered that the nurse who administered the flu vaccine did not change the syringes in between shots.

Life October 9, 2015

New Flu Shot Should Be More Effective Than Last Year's Hit-And-Miss Version, CDC Says

This year's flu shot should be a better match for strains of influenza expected to be circulating in the U.S., the CDC says. American are being urged to take advantage of that and get vaccinated.

Life September 18, 2015

Can a Universal Flu Vaccine Be Created?

As flu hits hard this winter, researchers continue search for a "one and done" lifetime vaccination. Clinical trials on one candidate are to begin soon.

Life January 27, 2015

Only 23 Percent! Flu Vaccine Effectiveness Very Low But Don't Give Up Hope

Flu vaccines are only effective 23 percent of the time this year, according to a new federal government report. What can be done to keep Americans healthy?

Life January 17, 2015

Immune System is Shaped by Environment More Than Genetics

Immune systems are shaped by environment more than they are by genetics, according to a new study from Stanford University.

Life January 16, 2015

Flu Epidemic Developing, Warns CDC: Flu Symptoms and What to Do if You Catch the Flu

Influenza is becoming an epidemic in the United States, the CDC has announced. Here are some tips on staying healthy this flu season.

Life January 2, 2015

CDC Officially Declares Flu as Epidemic: 15 Deaths This Year

Influenza is now an epidemic, according to the CDC, appearing in more than two-thirds of states. How can you be protected?

Life December 30, 2014

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