Study Conducted By LG Says Xbox Gamers 'Better' Than Their PC And PS4 Counterparts


New research conducted by LG shows that Xbox gamers are better than PS4 and PC gamers, particularly on their reaction ability.

Based on the press release, LG's new research, in partnership with Activision, shows that Xbox gamers are superior in gaming compared to their PlayStation and PC counterparts.

"More than 1,400 gamers participated in LG's Elite Reaction Test, created in partnership with Activision," the press release reads via Daily Star.

PC Gamers Have The Worst Reaction Accuracy

The study says that PC gamers have the worst reaction accuracy compared to Xbox players wherein users have to click on specific targets as quickly as they can.

The test required users to click on targets that faded from green to red as quickly as possible. PC gamers only got an average reaction accuracy of 67.7 percent while Xbox players had an average reaction accuracy of 77.1 percent.

The test was based on different factors including Accuracy, Targets hit, Targets missed and how quickly the target was hit from more than 1,400 participants.

In Targets hit, for instance, Xbox players are trailing with 78 percent of clicks on target, while PlayStation users hit 74 percent and PC players hit just 70 percent.

Although PC players hit fewer targets, they were the quickest to react with almost 18 percent of green targets compared to Xbox players only hit 9 percent of green targets. It means that while PC gamers are less accurate in hitting the targets, it appears that they have itchier trigger-fingers.

Overall Test Scores

Overall scores from the test show that console gamers have the best reactions or twitchiness. Xbox gamers got an average twitchiness score of 79.7 percent and PlayStation gamers got 71.9 percent twitchiness. PC gamers got the lowest twitchiness score of 62.2.

"While PC gamers are perhaps traditionally seen as more 'twitchy', the LG Elite Reaction Test turned this on its head, as from nearly 2000 people we've seen that console gamers managed to hit more targets than PC gamers," explains David Hall, the marketing manager at LG, in regard to the results of the test.

He said that the gamers' reaction times of PC versus console gamers have been a point of conversation for years, and that's why they decided to put them to the test.

However, while PC gamers were not as accurate as the console gamers, the research concludes that they performed well with reaction time, being twice as good as Xbox players.

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