Apple uploaded five new videos that feature the iPad Pro and what users can do with the tablet.

All of them showcase "a new way" to getting the job done, from taking notes to creating a presentation.

New iPad Pro Videos

The clips are titled "A new way to take notes," "A new way to design your space," "A new way to go paperless," "A new way to create a presentation," and "A new way to host your own podcast." The titles are pretty straightforward about what to expect from the videos.

In the first one, it focuses on taking notes with the Notability App, demonstrating how users can type, write, draw, and record them.

The next one is centered on the Apple Pencil and augmented reality and how they can be used to plan and visualize the perfect work environment, room, and whatnot. They work in conjunction with the Houzz app to give a better idea of how furniture will look via AR.

Third one is all about going paperless. It highlights scanning documents and such and uploading them to the cloud, as well as signing papers without having to print them and sketching without a sketchbook with the Apple Pencil.

After that, there's the video that shows off the iPad Pro's capabilities in making presentations with Keynote.

Last but not least, the fifth clip is dedicated to recording podcasts. Apple says its tablet is all anyone needs to start, along with a USB-C mic and the Anchor app.

In summary, these videos aren't just concentrating on the features and capabilities of the iPad Pro. They also double as tutorials that show owners how to make the most of their device.

iPad Pro vs. Laptop

Apple has been pushing the narrative that the iPad Pro can replace a laptop. It's relentless in this regard, giving users five reasons why it can be "your next computer." Needless to say, the recently released videos can be considered as the company's way to show users almost anything a PC can do. Emphasis on "almost," though.

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