Apple is holding a photography contest wherein users can submit their shots taken with an iPhone. The best 10 can land on a billboard or in retail stores from different cities.

The Cupertino, California-based company recently announced the challenge among its users, which gives them a chance to showcase the creative souls behind the gadgets and at the same time boost marketing for the feature. The contest starts Jan. 22 and will end on Feb. 7, when 10 of best submitted iPhone photos will be selected by a panel of judges.

How To Enter The Apple Photography Contest

To enter, first follow Apple on Twitter or Instagram and make sure that the feed is set to public. Just upload photos on Instagram, Weibo, or Twitter with the #ShotOniPhone, which the brand has been consistently using to underline the photographic potentials of their smartphone. Also include which iPhone model was used in the caption.

"Alternatively, you can also submit the photo in its highest resolution to with the file format 'firstname_lastname_iphonemodel," the company explained.

Highlighting The Camera Feature

The company will reach out to winners on Feb. 26. However, don't expect any monetary prize in exchange of the picture/s, but instead, winning shots will be featured in billboards, Apple stores, and on the tech company's Instagram account. Needless to say, being one of the chosen ones can also give the privilege of bragging rights.

There are 11 judges introduced, including Apple employees who work under camera software department and famous people who practice iPhone photography. Perhaps one of the notable in the roster is Pete Souza, author of the book "Obama: An Intimate Portrait" and who was the former photographer of ex-US President Barack Obama.

Meanwhile, this is just the latest of the efforts of Apple to highlight the potentials of its products, especially in the realm of mobile photography, after competitive Android phones such as the Google's Pixel 3 have raised the photo-capturing quality up a notch.

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