Apple could be ditching LCDs for its 2020 iPhone lineup, if reports are to be believed. The first time Apple used an OLED display was in 2017, when it released the iPhone X. In 2018, the Cupertino brand followed that up with two more OLED models and a single LCD one.

However, come 2020, it'll be all OLED displays for the iPhone maker, according to a new report by The Wall Street Journal.

The news, attributed to people familiar with the matter, makes plenty of sense, especially since the report focuses mainly on the iPhone XR's — the lone LCD model — allegedly disappointing sales. It appears not a lot of people are buying the iPhone X, which could perhaps mean audiences now prefer OLEDs over LCDs.

OLED Displays

The iPhone XR is the budget model of the 2018 iPhone lineup, which explains why it doesn't have an OLED display like its iPhone XS and XS Max siblings. That's probably because OLED displays are much more expensive, and the iPhone XR was meant to be the model that puts an iPhone within reach of most budget-conscious customers.

However, the price of manufacturing the display technology could very well decrease going forward. It's not clear whether Apple will continue to put out a budget-friendly iPhone model, but the report strongly suggests that the company is going to bid goodbye to LCDs.

Disappointing iPhone XR Sales

Apple doesn't provide sales numbers, but the iPhone XR appears not to have gotten the reception Apple had hoped for it to reap. That should perhaps come as no shock. Although the phone sports Apple's latest chip technology, it's hunkered down by an inferior display and a less "premium" feel than its siblings.

Apple has downloaded alleged reports of disappointing sales, however, saying that the iPhone XR has been the "most popular iPhone" since going on sale in October 2018. But in general, smartphone sales are dipping. It's not just Apple that's experiencing significant downticks.

The smartphone audience has slowed down with the upgrades, helped in no small part by the fact that every year, smartphones aren't getting that much better, leaving many to remain satisfied with their still-excellent handsets and not shell out for an upgrade altogether. It's difficult to pinpoint exactly what will nudge buyers into upgrading again, but foldable phones appear to be the most plausible innovation.

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