In a new ad posted via Twitter, Google highlights the Pixel 3's Night Sight, a feature that enhances a photo's quality even when taken in low-light environment. To further get the point across, the new ad even taunts the capability of iPhone XS's camera when used in low-light.

Pixel 3 Night Sight

Night Sight was not initially available when the Pixel 3 launched in October 2018, only rolling out to users in late November last year.

The ad, tweeted by Google's vice president for product marketing Marvin Chow, shows two similar images taken using the "Phone X" and Google's very own Pixel 3. If it's not yet obvious, Phone X refers to the iPhone XS (as seen in the tiny bit of text below the darker image).

The image taken using the iPhone XS is pretty dark, with the subject's face almost unidentifiable under low-light. On the other hand, the image taken by the Pixel 3 with the Night Sight feature is surprisingly brighter and clearer, with lots of background and foreground details preserved even with less ambient light available.

What Night Sight does is it uses machine learning to achieve color balance in a photo. It also takes burst shots and merges the images to prevent motion blur. This feature helps make the image sharper even under low-light conditions.

The Pixel 3's Camera

Google's current flagship phone, the Pixel 3, has one of the best cameras among the recently released phones, receiving good reviews since its launch. Even though it's only equipped with a single 12.2 MP rear camera — it's got two 8 MP front cameras, though — the resulting images taken using the newest Made by Google phone never fails to amaze users due to its dynamic range and overall photo quality.

What also makes the Pixel 3 images stunning are its auto-HDR feature and the Pixel Visual Core, a chip that boosts the phone's image processing power.

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