An entirely new MacBook Pro design is set to debut this year, says trusted Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo. It will have a display that's 16- to 16.5-inch large.

Kuo released a research note looking at Apple's potential releases this year. MacRumors has obtained a copy of that report and revealed that the Cupertino brand is working on a brand-new MacBook Pro with a large display.

New MacBook Pro Design

Precious little details are available in Kuo's report with regard to this all-new MacBook Pro, unfortunately. But Apple fans should be excited at the mention of an "all-new" design, which suggests Apple is ready to try new things for its flagship laptop. There's no telling what changes are in store. Perhaps Apple might change the keyboard design again, especially when its original butterfly keyboard caused a lot of trouble for many users. Such woes were fixed with the coming of the 2018 MacBook Pro model, granted. But a new design is certainly always welcome.

As for its rumored size, it would be the largest ever on an Apple laptop since the discontinuation of the 17-inch MacBook Pro in 2012.

MacBook Pro Design

Apple fans have been expecting Apple to remain using the current MacBook Pro design at least until 2020. The laptop last saw a redesign only nearly three years ago. For a laptop, a design shift within that time period is pretty fast. But Apple clearly wants to keep things fresh. As previously mentioned, it's hard to predict what the new MacBook Pro is going to look like. There are rumors of a touch display floating around, but Apple has made it pretty clear in the past that touchscreens on a laptop are a no-go.

Minds, however, always change. Apple also once said that phones with big screens are an atrocity. Look at the humongous iPhone XS Max now. The point is, Apple has a track record of saying one thing then doing a completely different thing, which makes it hard to guess what this rumored MacBook Pro is going to have.

Apple Report

Some other predictions mentioned in Kuo's report include new iPhone models, which he predicts will have the same screen sizes as the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Kuo says they'll still have a Lightning port instead of a USB Type-C connector, unlike the new iPad Pro.

Kuo added that the new phones will get ultra-wide band connectivity for indoor positioning and navigation. Instead of two cameras, Apple is going for three this time around, and, speaking of cameras, an enhanced Face ID is in the mix, too, plus a higher power flood illuminator.

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