Google Keep For iOS Now Works On Apple Watch


Google's note-taking app Keep for iOS devices can now be used on the Apple Watch via the latest update.

From the look of things, the Mountain View company is looking to support the Cupertino brand's wearable once more.

Google Returns To The Watch

As reported by 9to5Google, the most recent version 2.2019.06204 of the Keep app has rolled out. Most notably, the update notes mention that users can now use it on their Watch.

It gets the job done, meaning it pretty much has all the features someone would expect from a note-taking app. To be exact, it displays a list of the 10 most recent notes on the main screen in the form of cards that are categorized in Pinned and Others.

Users can take notes and create lists by writing on the Watch, thanks to its "scribble" feature. Just like using Siri, they can also use voice controls to make reminders and even search for entries in the app. To be clear, it doesn't have Siri integration. It does have emoji support, which is a nice touch.

9to5Google also points out that adding to existing notes isn't possible, but adding items to lists does work.

The latest version of Keep is now available on the App Store.

Google's 2017 Exit

Back in 2017, Google removed its one and only app Maps from the Watch. Other watchOS apps that disappeared then include Amazon, eBay, and Target. In other words, Keep is the first app from the company since that time, and it's the only Google app available on the wearable to date.

It's also worth mentioning that it also said it's going to support Maps again in the future. If nothing else, Watch owners who prefer Google software on their device have something to look forward to.

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