After an announcement late last month, Google now rolls out the new Gmail redesign to all Android users. The new update comes with the Material Theme that's been available on Gmail for web for some time now.

Google's Material Theme went live in April 2018, redesigning Gmail's entire look and bringing with it a number of other features to Gmail.

Gmail In Bright White

Starting Feb.20, Android users will notice that the Gmail app will feature some changes design-wise. Upon launching the app, a Gmail logo will appear along with a welcome note:

"Your favorite email has a fresh new look."

The "fresh new look" refers to the app's bright white theme, which is in sync with Gmail across other platforms following Google's Material Theme design. Users will then be given view options similar to the web version: Default, Comfortable, and Compact.

Notable aesthetic changes also include the search bar that spans across the entire top area of the screen. Gmail apparently ditched the large red bar at the top in place of a much modern look. Beside the search bar is an icon that lets a user easily switch from one Google account to another.

Also, the new Gmail now uses Google's very own Pixel font, a.k.a. Google Sans.

Aesthetic makeover aside, added features also include a cleaner and more streamlined view of the Gmail app, such as attachment previews under each email and phishing email warnings.

Material Theme

Last month, Google said that Gmail's redesign is part of its effort to make all G Suite tools and software look and feel like a family of products that has the same Material Theme.

"This update is part of a larger effort to make G Suite look and act like a family of products, designed in the Google Material Theme with ease-of-use in mind," the Mountain View company said in a blogpost in January.

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