Opera Browser For Android Gets Free Unlimited VPN — Why You Should Enable It And How


After testing it in Opera Beta, free, unlimited VPN finally scoots over to the main Opera browser for Android. VPN, one of the most important protections while surfing the web, will be built into the latest version of the company's Android app at no extra cost.

Opera first made the service available to mobile beta users last month, although it's been available for years in its desktop app. The free VPN will be available to all starting with Opera for Android 51, which is now rolling out in the Google Play Store.

Why You Should Use A VPN

For those uninitiated with VPNs, the service allows users to create a private connection with a remote server that can communicate with websites they visit. That means instead of sending and receiving information under a public network where a malicious agent can swoop in and interfere, all data exchanges will be handled by the server.

In Opera for Android's case, the connection between the phone and the VPN server is encrypted, which means the user's data shall remain protected from any bad agent attempting to spy on their online activities. Opera uses 256-bit encryption to protect data, and it hides the user's location by linking to servers around the world. Opera didn't disclose which countries are available for its VPN, but beta users were allowed to choose servers in America, Europe, and Asia, or set it to automatically choose the best available connection.

How To Use Opera's Free Unlimited VPN

Just download version 51 of Opera for Android, open it after it finished installing, hit Settings, and find the VPN section. There, simply set the toggle to on and set a virtual location. Immediately after, users get access to free, unlimited VPN that's no-log and easy to use.

Opera for Android is a free download from the Google Play Store.

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