Sony just announced that it'll debut a new "State of Play" stream on March 25, a video showcase where it'll unveil new games, show off trailers, and provide updates on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR titles still in the pipeline.

Does that sound familiar? Well that's because it is. Nintendo has been doing exactly the same thing for several years now with its Nintendo Direct video presentations. Doing this allows the Super Mario company to deliver news and updates throughout the year instead of unleashing them all at once during E3 every June.

State Of Play

Sony probably saw that there's value in constant, bite-sized updates instead of putting up bombastic presentations once per year. Streaming in recent years has become a major component of the overall online experience, and Sony likely realized it has to take advantage of that as Nintendo did.

A strategy like that makes sense for Sony, which skipped its annual December showcase last year and, for the first time ever, will be skipping E3 this year. Nintendo ditched its traditional E3 press conference in 2013 and has replaced it with Direct presentations and Treehouse gaming sessions ever since.

More State Of Play Presentations Coming Soon

Sony's State of Play presentations won't be a one-off thing, too. The company has already confirmed that it'll showcase more streams throughout 2019, so Sony fans should expect a number of them in the months to come, and probably beyond 2019, as well.

E3 2019

Inversely, Microsoft has teased that its E3 presentation will be its biggest yet. With a stage and spotlights all to its own, Microsoft stands to make bigger waves than its rivals could. Even still, Nintendo and Sony will bring out their big guns this June — just online, that is. It's still going to be a jam-packed and exciting E3, but it's clear both Nintendo and Sony have relinquished the pressure and demands of putting a big show.

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