Xiaomi Unveils 100 W Fast Charging Tech — 100 Percent Full In Just 17 Minutes


Most phones with fast charging technology can go from 0 to 60 percent in roughly around 30 minutes. Xiaomi's 100 W technology tops a phone up to 100 percent in just 17 minutes.

Xiang Wang, the company's senior VP, shared a video on Facebook showing the new charging solution in action, saying that Xiaomi's engineers have built a 100 W fast charging solution that can fully charge a 4,000 mAh battery in just 17 minutes — much less compared to how long most phones take to fill up to 60 or 70 percent.

The video shows a charging between Xiaomi's unnamed 100 W prototype phone and a phone with 50 W charging from a boilerplate brand, which seems strikingly similar to an Oppo RX17 Pro.

Xiaomi 100 W Fast Charging Tech

Indeed, Xiaomi's phone hit 100 percent in just 17 minutes, leaving the other phone stuck at 65 percent. More notable is the fact that Xiaomi was charging a 4,000 mAh battery while the other device, if it's indeed an Oppo RX17 Pro, only has a capacity of 3,700 mAh. Oppo's quick charge technology is currently the fastest on the market. Xiaomi's solution is 1.6 times faster.

Xiaomi is keeping mum on the details, so it's not actually clear how its fast charging solution works. One of the major potential issues when charging this quickly is dissipating heat, which slows down charging and degrades the life of a battery, as well.

Super VOOC

Oppo's Super VOOC technology solves this issue by duplicating the heat-generating power management circuitry inside its power brick. That means when an original Oppo charge is used to fill up a Super VOOC-compatible Oppo device, the phone circuitry can shut off, and all that heat generation occurs in the power brick. Xiaomi might be implementing a similar solution, but that's anyone's guess at the moment.

Whether Xiaomi plans to put this new technology on one of its forthcoming phones is unclear, but the Chinese brand is known to adopt new features quickly, so don't be surprised if it arrives sooner rather than later.

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