Cloudflare Update Comes With Fast And Free VPN


Cloudflare will add a free VPN service to its DNS resolver app. This, which first hit mobile phones in November, attempts to speed up data speeds through Cloudflare's network, resolving DNS queries faster than existing mobile networks.

The newest addition is Warp, a VPN Cloudflare itself built that attempts to reroute the user's traffic to make it even quicker. Similar to all VPNs, Warp encrypts data transfers to make it extra secure and private, which means all internet activities are kept safe and invisible.

Cloudflare Warp VPN

Cloudflare specifically designed Warp to be suited for mobile. As such, it uses the WireGuard VPN protocol, which Cloudflare says reduced battery drain compared with typical VPN apps. It should also reduce data usage by caching and compressing content as much as possible.

What makes Warp different from other VPN service, and possibly a little bit worse, is that it can't create virtual locations. VPNs are often used to trick websites that the user is accessing them from a different locations. This isn't possible with Warp. Rather, Warp works behind the scenes to increase speed and privacy.


Key to this are two things. One, Warp won't write any user-identifiable data to the disk. Two, it won't use personal data to target the user data with ads. Warp will depend solely on a freemium model to make money. That means users will have two options: use the standard Warp VPN service for free, or pay for Warp+. The latter tier uses Cloudflare's Argo technology to deliver faster speeds and better network reliability, but pricing is unavailable at the moment.

Cloudflare isn't accepting Warp sign-ups at the moment, but users can sign up to be part of a waitlist by updating the app and then registering. Cloudflare will notify users when Warp is ready to use. Those who use VPNs primarily for changing their locations virtually will find nothing of value in the free version of Warp, suffice it to say. Even still, it's a welcome addition to the expanding tapestry of VPN and might help widen VPN usage. After all, Cloudflare says Warp is for people who don't know what VPN stands for.

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