Motorola has announced that the Motorola One and Moto G7 family are getting Google's Call Screen.

Before this, the feature has been an exclusive to Pixel devices, but now it's on other smartphones.

Somewhat Expected

It hasn't been long since some lines of code from the Google Phone app revealed that Motorola devices were going to get Call Screen, one of which also mentions that Nokia is getting it too.

Initially, it was speculated to make its way only to Android One devices since the Phone app was only in Google-approved smartphones. Obviously, that isn't the case, as it turns out. While the Motorola One is indeed under the Android One umbrella, the Moto G7 lineup isn't.

What Is Call Screen?

With Call Screen, users can let Google Assistant answer calls for them, especially for suspicious ones, such as robocalls. The virtual assistant will then ask the caller the purpose of their call and provide a real-time transcription of their response to the user, who can then determine whether to pick up or reject the call, or even report it as spam.

At that, it's no mystery why the tool is popular.

Healthy Habits, As Defined By Motorola

Motorola is introducing Call Screen to the aforementioned phone models as part of its Digital Wellbeing program. It aims to help users be aware of how they use their phones so that they can "achieve digital wellness."

Aside from the Pixel feature, there are things like App Timers that puts limits on how long an app can be used in a day, custom alerts, and Wind Down that switches the display to Night Light or Grayscale mode on a schedule. The Dashboard also provides a summary of the users' phone activity, allowing them to make adjustments toward healthier habits.

On top of that, the company is also highlighting what it calls Moto Experiences, such as the ability to automatically switch to do-not-disturb mode by setting the phone facedown and activate silent mode when they pick up the phone if it's ringing.

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