Apple Music For Android Reportedly Getting Chromecast Support


Apple Music is available on Android, but it's missing some crucial features that could greatly improve one's overall music listening experience. One among many is the ability to cast music via Chromecast. That might change soon.

9to5Google dug deep within the Apple Music APK for Android and found multiple lines of code that reference Chromecast support, including additional Chromecast-related strings added through recent updates. Other strings detail internal testing and debug, suggesting the feature has gone through some rigorous process of development.

When Will It Be Rolled Out?

Of course, hidden code doesn't guarantee that the feature will be implemented soon, but it strongly suggests Apple Music subscribers on Android could soon cast their favorite playlists to a compatible Chromecast dongle, smart speaker, smart display, or TV.

Neither Google nor Apple has said anything about this potential integration, which is why users shouldn't expect anything based on lines of code alone. However, as Engadget notes, the volume of code suggests this could be more a matter of when than if.

If it does end up being added, it's not clear just how functional it'll be. Chromecast support will likely allow a song playing in Apple Music on a phone to be sent to a Google Home speaker, any Google-powered smart devices, and Chromecast devices. But there's no guarantee all these devices would be supported. At the very least, however, users should be able to control playback using the Android app.

Apple Music For Assistant

Further proof that Chromecast support is coming? It was spotted in February that Apple Music was being integrated into Google Assistant. That support is different since it's device-agnostic, meaning users can link an Apple Music to a Google account and access the service on any smart device powered by Google's Assistant. It's hard to believe Apple would feel lenient about its proprietary services, but evidence says otherwise.

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