Poetic Justice? Rhino Poacher In South Africa Killed By Elephants, Eaten By Lions


Poetic justice may have just been served as rhino poacher suffers a tragic death in Kruger National Park. The poacher is believed to have been killed by elephants and his remains eaten by lions.

Rangers from the said South African park, together with Komatipoort and Skukuza SAPS, aided the bereaved family find closure by looking for their relative's remains.

Search Operation

The family recalls that on April 2, they received a call from their relative's colleagues, informing them of the man's passing due to an elephant attack. They then contacted Don English, a Skukuza Regional Ranger, for assistance.

English organized a search operation and assured the family that he would do his best to recover the man's remains. That night, rangers and members of the KNP Airwing flew over the location described but was unsuccessful in finding the remains due to the gradually fading sunlight.

With more information garnered from the four colleagues who have been arrested as well as a boost in field rangers, the team was able to finally find the remains on April 4 at the crocodile bridge section.

The site suggested that lions had eaten the remains of the poacher. In fact, the only things left on site were a pair of pants and a human skull. The rangers notified the police department of Skukuza immediately. At the moment, the police are still conducting further investigations.

Illegal Entry Not Worth The Danger

Glenn Phillips, managing executive of KNP reminds the public that entering national parks with wild animals is highly dangerous.

"Entering Kruger National Park illegally and on foot is not wise, it holds many dangers and this incident is evidence of that," says Phillips.

The four colleagues of the deceased are currently in custody and will appear in court in due time.

Phillips also extends his sympathy to the bereaved family. He said it is sorrowful to see daughters mourning for the loss of their father and, worse, seeing very little of his remains.

Lastly, he praises the rangers for helping out and bringing the closure that the family deserves.

Animals, even in their natural environment, can sometimes show aggression in the presence of tourists. People should be more aware of the negative impacts they bring to animals to avoid so-called poetic justice, such as what happened to that rhino poacher.

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