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Elephant Poaching In Africa Sees A Decline But Animals Remain Threatened

Experts said elephant poaching in Africa declined but the animals still face many threats. However, Botswana, where the largest population of elephants can be found, has reinstated the hunting of elephants.

Animals May 30, 2019

Elephant Hunting Is Legal Again In Botswana

Botswana, which has the largest elephant population in the world, lifted its ban on elephant hunting after a five-year suspension. The government cited the conflict between humans and elephants as the primary reason.

Animals May 23, 2019

Poetic Justice? Rhino Poacher In South Africa Killed By Elephants, Eaten By Lions

Elephants and lions teamed up to bring justice to their rhino friend. A poacher was found dead in a national park in South Africa, with very little bodily remains, suggesting he was killed and eaten afterward.

Animals April 9, 2019

Safari Tourists Scare Elephants And Make Them More Violent: Study

Researchers found that elephants get scared and show violent behaviors when more tourists are present in the safari. The study demonstrated that tourism can have a big impact on animals' welfare in the wild.

Animals March 21, 2019

Scientists Revive Ancients Cells From 28,000-year-old Woolly Mammoth Yuka

Scientists from Japan and Russia successfully reactivate the ancient cells of a 28,000-year-old woolly mammoth. With more advanced equipment and well-preserved samples, this could pave the way for a mammoth-elephant hybrid, researchers said.

Animals March 20, 2019

Botswana Mulls Lifting Elephant Hunting Ban And Turning Animal's Meat Into Pet Food

Climate change forced elephants to move out of their natural habitats in search for food and water. This poses greater risks on the destruction of crops and human lives.

Animals February 24, 2019

Elephants' Cancer Resistance Due To 'Zombie' Gene: Can Humans Benefit From It?

Elephants have more cells than humans due to their size, which means that they should have a higher risk of cell mutations that lead to cancer. However, elephants rarely suffer the dreaded disease due to a newly discovered 'zombie' gene.

Healthy Living/Wellness August 15, 2018

A Farmer Unearthed A Rare Fossil Of Elephant Ancestor But Hid It From the Public

When a farmer found the fossil of an ancient elephant species near the Pyrenees mountains, he kept it to himself over fear of amateur fossil hunters invading his privacy. Years later, he finally hands it over to experts.

Ancient July 15, 2018

Circus Elephant In Germany Falls Into Audience After Getting Pushed By Two Others

Circus elephant Tompteusen fell to the ground and into part of the audience in a show in Germany. The incident yet again incited calls to end the use of wild animals in the circus.

July 9, 2018

Scientists Might Create Mammoth-Elephant Hybrid After 'Resurrecting' 44 Genes, Will Start With Mice First

Renowned geneticist George Church of Harvard University announced plans to create a mammoth-elephant hybrid. Researchers hope that this plan will save the elephant from possible extinction.

Animals April 30, 2018

Elephant In India Chomps Wood Coal, Appears To Be Breathing Smoke

A pachyderm elephant was caught on video while breathing smoke in a forest in Southern India. Baffled scientists said the elephant only ingested wood charcoal, a natural laxative.

Earth/Environment March 24, 2018

Here’s Why Elephants Don't Get Cancer, According To A New Study

It’s an astonishing fact that elephants, one of the biggest mammals in the world, don’t get cancer. So a team of researchers looked into that and found an interesting discovery.

Animals March 8, 2018

DNA Analysis Reveals Interbreeding Among Woolly Mammoth And Other Ancient Elephants

Researchers sequenced the genomes of 14 species of living and extinct species of elephants, including the mastodon and the woolly mammoth. Results revealed that the ancient species practiced widespread interbreeding.

Animals February 27, 2018

Lone Male Mammoths More Risk-Taking, Fell Into More Traps Than Females

Researchers find that 7 out of 10 woolly mammoth remains from Siberia were of males. This suggests a matriarchal social structure of mammoths, much like modern-day elephants.

Ancient November 3, 2017

Veteran South African Hunter Crushed To Death As Elephant Gets Gunned Down And Collapses On Him

Renowned big game hunting expert Theunis Botha died Friday, My 19, from being crushed by an elephant while on a hunt in Zimbabwe. Know the details of the unfortunate incident that occurred near Hwange National Park.

Animals May 23, 2017

No Place Is Safe: Poachers Are Emptying Key African Reserve Of Elephants

Poaching has slaughtered many forest elephants in Minkébé National Park in Africa in only a decade, killing roughly 81 percent of the population. And it was supposed to be one of the largest and most important preserves in Central Africa.

Animals February 21, 2017

Chad Zakouma National Park In Africa Offers Elephants Refuge From Poachers

The Zakouma National Park in Chad, Central Africa is now home to a growing number of African elephants, which were once on the verge of extinction because of rampant poaching.

Animals February 8, 2017

Hope For African Elephants: China To Ban Domestic Ivory Trade By 2017

China announced that it will ban domestic ivory trade starting next year. The move may help save the population of elephants in Africa that are threatened by possible extinction because of poaching.

Animals December 31, 2016

Illegal Ivory Trade: Carbon Dating Suggests Illegal Ivory Taken From Elephants Killed In Past 3 Years

Most of the seized ivory tusks in Africa are derived from recently killed elephants, not from antique tusks, comprehensive forensics analysis revealed. The finding indicates that the rising ivory trade is taking a toll on existing elephant populations.

Animals November 8, 2016

Worst Status In 25 Years: African Elephants Suffer Major Decline In Population

A new report confirms a grim outlook for the population of African elephants: the species has suffered a major decline in the last 10 years. Experts are seeking out proposals to strengthen the conservation of the species.

Animals September 25, 2016

Population Of African Elephants Decline By 30 Percent As Demand For Ivory Drives Poaching

The population of elephants in Africa is shrinking by 8 percent per year, the Great Elephant Census revealed. The drastic decline is primarily attributed to poaching driven by demand for ivory particularly in China.

Animals September 1, 2016

Rare Video Shows Elephants In Africa Mourning Their Queen

Can elephants feel emotion? That's something researchers have been trying to find out for years. However, a simple 15-minute video could shed light on the whole situation if researchers can find the link. This video shows elephants inspecting the body of their former Queen.

Animals August 31, 2016

Extinct Woolly Mammoth Could Become Protected Species In Crackdown On Ivory Smuggling

The woolly mammoth could become the first long-extinct animal to be given legal protection under conservation trade rules. How can this help in the illegal trade of ivories from endangered elephants?

Animals August 22, 2016

Zoo Elephants Likely Find Social Life More Important Than Space: Report

A large-scale research in North America has sought to find out how captivity affects the life quality of zoo elephants. Researchers say the results were quite surprising.

Animals July 15, 2016

Watch How Rescuers Save Baby Elephant That Fell Into Drain In Sri Lanka

A video footage shows how an animal rescue team and several other people pulled a baby elephant from an open drain that it fell into last Sunday. Not all large animal rescue efforts around the world, however, turn out well.

Animals May 31, 2016

100,000-Year Old Fossil Of Straight-Tusked Elephant Found Protruding From Sand

A 100,000-year old fossil of an extinct straight-tusked elephant was found by a local resident in Isle of Wight. With the new discovery, experts think that the species may have roamed around the island many years ago.

Animals January 4, 2016

Elephant Daughters Step Up And Fill In For Matriarchs Poached For Ivory

Research found elephant daughters step up to fill their mothers' roles in the community following a poaching tragedy. The 16-year study followed the elephant community in Kenya's Samburu National Reserve.

Earth/Environment December 18, 2015

6 Million-Year-Old Skull Of Elephant Found In China

The discovery of the six-million-year old elephant skull in Shuitangba, Zhaotong City in China pushed back the species' history by one million years. The fossil suggests that the species originated somewhere in Yunnan Province.

Animals November 9, 2015

What Elephants Can Teach Us About Cancer

Researchers have found that elephants can teach humans a thing or two about cancer. The way the animal's cancer-fighting gene reacts to DNA damage can shed light on potential cancer treatments for humans.

Life October 11, 2015

In Conservation Efforts, Google Launches A Virtual Street View of Kenya's Samburu National Reserve

Panning across almost 65 square miles, a new virtual tour of Kenya's Samburu National Reserve looks to reignite conservation and anti-poaching efforts in the area.

Internet September 15, 2015

Elephant Takes Tourist's Camera: See The Viral 'Elphie'

An elephant took a selfie with a tourist after grabbing his GoPro in search of more food. Although the viral photo is unique, it was not the first 'elphie' taken.

Internet Culture May 28, 2015

Woolly Mammoth DNA Spliced Into Cells Of Living Elephant:

DNA from a woolly mammoth has been spliced into the genetic code of modern elephants. How could this help combat global climate change?

Earth/Environment March 26, 2015

Elephants Prevent 18-Wheeler From Tipping Over Along Louisiana Highway

Everything is not all fine and dandy, however, as many will not like where the elephants were headed.

Internet Culture March 25, 2015

Ringling Bros. Will Eliminate Elephant Acts By 2018

Ringling Bros. circus will no longer feature elephant acts because of protests from animal rights groups.

Internet Culture March 5, 2015

Elephants may soon face extinction, thanks to rise in illegal poaching

We could be facing a future without elephants. Due to a dramatic rise in illegal poaching and a booming ivory trade in China, hunters are killing elephants faster than they reproduce.

Internet Culture August 19, 2014

New York enacts law banning elephant ivory trade

Several states in the U.S. are now looking into banning the trade of elephant ivory to prevent mass extinction. The latest to enact a law on this is New York.

Legal August 13, 2014

NY bans purchase and sale of ivory: Happy World Elephant Day!

New York passes law banning ivory sales as demand drives disastrous poaching of African elephants. Law will impose harsh penalties on illegal importation or sale of both elephant ivory and rhinoceros horns.

Earth/Environment August 12, 2014

African elephant nose best: Study reveals superior olfactory receptor genes

Elephants have the best sense of smell known among mammals. What would the world be like if we could smell as well as they do?

July 24, 2014

Elephants have 2000 genes coding for smell, more than any other mammal

Elephants, with their long trunks, are found to have the most discerning noses in the animal kingdom. Dogs have more sensitive noses, but elephants can distinguish among thousands of odors, besting our canine friends.

Animals July 23, 2014

Elephants have best sense of smell of all mammals

Elephants are twice as good as dogs at determining smells. There is something in that long trunk after all!

Animals July 22, 2014

A primitive menu: ancient North American peoples dined on elephant ancestor

Early Clovis people had big appetites, or at least hunted big prey, archaeologists say. Dig unearths evidence they hunted ancient and now extinct elephant relative known as a gomphothere.

Animals July 15, 2014

Elephants can listen and understand us better than we think

A new study indicates that elephants can tell the difference between certain human language. By listening to a human voice, elephants can also estimate a person's age and gender.

Earth/Environment March 13, 2014

Elephants hug and comfort each other in times of distress...just like humans

Elephants are intelligent and highly social animals and now a new research says that the pachyderms also comfort and calm one another down in times of distress. The study is important because learning about the behavior of elephants under stress can help humans better manage the animals.

Animals February 19, 2014

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