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Over 500 Critically Endangered Vultures Die From Eating Elephants Poisoned By Poachers

Over 500 vultures died after eating the carcasses of elephants believed to be poisoned by poachers. All of the vulture species involved in the incident are considered critically endangered.

Animals June 22, 2019

Elephant Poaching In Africa Sees A Decline But Animals Remain Threatened

Experts said elephant poaching in Africa declined but the animals still face many threats. However, Botswana, where the largest population of elephants can be found, has reinstated the hunting of elephants.

Animals May 30, 2019

Elephant Hunting Is Legal Again In Botswana

Botswana, which has the largest elephant population in the world, lifted its ban on elephant hunting after a five-year suspension. The government cited the conflict between humans and elephants as the primary reason.

Animals May 23, 2019

Poetic Justice? Rhino Poacher In South Africa Killed By Elephants, Eaten By Lions

Elephants and lions teamed up to bring justice to their rhino friend. A poacher was found dead in a national park in South Africa, with very little bodily remains, suggesting he was killed and eaten afterward.

Animals April 9, 2019

Botswana Mulls Lifting Elephant Hunting Ban And Turning Animal's Meat Into Pet Food

Climate change forced elephants to move out of their natural habitats in search for food and water. This poses greater risks on the destruction of crops and human lives.

Animals February 24, 2019

Rhino Poachers Believed To Be Eaten By Lions At Nature Reserve In South Africa

The human remains discovered at a South African nature reserve are believed to be the bodies of poachers who attempted to kill rhinos. Rhino poaching for horns remains to be a major wildlife issue in South Africa.

Animals July 6, 2018

Wildlife Sanctuary Owner Mourns Death Of Four Big Cats Poisoned By Poachers

A wildlife sanctuary owner found that four of his big cats, including a very rare tiger cub, were poisoned by poachers. Poaching remains to be a big problem for the wildlife of Africa.

Animals May 26, 2018

Lions In South Africa Eat Suspected Poacher Leaving Only Head

A suspected poacher in South Africa was eaten by the lions that he was trying to hunt. Body parts of the poacher were found around the area.

Animals February 13, 2018

Czech Zoo Set To Dehorn 18 Rhinos After Paris Poaching Attack

The Dvur Kralove zoo in the Czech Republic has announced plans to dehorn some rhinos to ensure their safety from poachers. But can dehorning really stop poachers?

Animals March 17, 2017

Environmentalists Worried Over Possible Rhino Horn Trade Legalization In South Africa

South Africa's move to legalize the domestic trade of rhino horns has environmentalists worried. Conservationists are opposing the move as local demand is not high and may step up smuggling but the government hopes it will end poaching.

Animals March 15, 2017

This Week, White Rhino And One Of Africa’s Last Great Tusker Elephants Fall To The Poachers

Poachers have killed a white rhino at a French zoo, as well as African elephant Satao II in Kenya. Poaching caters to the illegal activity of ivory trade, which continues to happen in many parts of the world.

Animals March 8, 2017

No Place Is Safe: Poachers Are Emptying Key African Reserve Of Elephants

Poaching has slaughtered many forest elephants in Minkébé National Park in Africa in only a decade, killing roughly 81 percent of the population. And it was supposed to be one of the largest and most important preserves in Central Africa.

Animals February 21, 2017

Chad Zakouma National Park In Africa Offers Elephants Refuge From Poachers

The Zakouma National Park in Chad, Central Africa is now home to a growing number of African elephants, which were once on the verge of extinction because of rampant poaching.

Animals February 8, 2017

San Diego Zoo Discovers Bullet Fragment Inside Rhino From South Africa

Animal caretakers at the San Diego Zoo have finally solved the mystery behind a wound on a rhinoceros that didn't seem to heal. They discovered that the lesion was caused by a bullet fragment lodged in the animal's flesh.

Animals December 28, 2016

Illegal Ivory Trade: Carbon Dating Suggests Illegal Ivory Taken From Elephants Killed In Past 3 Years

Most of the seized ivory tusks in Africa are derived from recently killed elephants, not from antique tusks, comprehensive forensics analysis revealed. The finding indicates that the rising ivory trade is taking a toll on existing elephant populations.

Animals November 8, 2016

Former LG Employee Accuses LG, Samsung Of Driving Down Wages Through Non-Poaching Agreement

A former sales manager for LG Electronics has filed a lawsuit against his former employer and Samsung Electronics, alleging that the two companies have a non-poaching agreement. The arrangement drives employee wages down and violates antitrust regulations.

Business Tech September 13, 2016

Population Of African Elephants Decline By 30 Percent As Demand For Ivory Drives Poaching

The population of elephants in Africa is shrinking by 8 percent per year, the Great Elephant Census revealed. The drastic decline is primarily attributed to poaching driven by demand for ivory particularly in China.

Animals September 1, 2016

Amazon Agrees To Stop Selling Animal Specimen And Hunting Equipment

A wildlife group's petition has urged Amazon to stop the trade of animal specimen and hunting equipment that further endangers animals in the wild. Amazon India confirms the removal of 400 items from its website.

Animals May 24, 2016

Petition Urges Amazon To Stop Selling Wildlife Specimens

Wildlife SOS launched an online petition to stop Amazon from selling wildlife specimens and hunting gear, such as snares and leghold traps. This NGO in India also urged the U.S.-based retailer to take down DIY books about hunting traps.

Animals May 16, 2016

Legal Hunting May Not Reduce Poaching: Study

Legalized hunting or culling of carnivores may not help lower poaching activities, a new study found. New findings reveal repetitive slowdowns in the growth rate of wolves during the periods when culling was allowed.

Animals May 11, 2016

Number Of Tigers Poached In India Early This Year Higher Than All Of 2015

Tigers are being poached at an increased rate in India, where the largest population of these majestic cats live. More tigers have already been poached so far in the year 2016 compared to the whole of 2015.

Animals May 1, 2016

Artificial Intelligence vs. Poachers: How AI Can Help Protect Endangered Animals

Poachers have a new enemy: artificial intelligence. Scientists have developed an AI system that can continuously learn and adapt to illegal activities and help rangers move swiftly to protect endangered animals in the wild.

Robotics April 24, 2016

Hawaii May Soon Ban Sale Of Elephant Ivory, Rhinoceros Horn And Other Wildlife Parts

Two bills that aim to ban the trading of elephant ivory, rhinoceros horn and other wildlife parts in Hawaii are in the process of being signed into law. Hawaii has become the largest ivory-trading market in the United States after California and New York banned the sale of ivory.

Society March 28, 2016

Shanghai Customs Seizes More Than 2,000 Endangered Turtles From Smugglers

The Shanghai Bureau of Customs announced that they seized over 2,000 endangered turtle species in November 2015. The turtles were found hidden in containers of imported crabs owned by a Shanghai-based international shipping company.

Society February 1, 2016

Yahoo Accused Of Aiding Extinction Of Elephants With Ivory Sales Listings

Online activism network Avaaz is putting pressure on Yahoo to stop the sale of ivory products on its websites in Japan. The activist group blames the Internet company for aiding the near-extinction of elephants.

Business January 27, 2016

Researchers Withhold Location Of New Species As Poachers Use Information To Collect Previously Unknown Animals

Academic groups started to withhold the locations of newly discovered species in peer-reviewed journals. Black market traders and animal poachers seem to be monitoring these journals to discover and locate new species to create market demand.

Earth/Environment January 3, 2016

Elephant Daughters Step Up And Fill In For Matriarchs Poached For Ivory

Research found elephant daughters step up to fill their mothers' roles in the community following a poaching tragedy. The 16-year study followed the elephant community in Kenya's Samburu National Reserve.

Earth/Environment December 18, 2015

Endangered White Rhino Dies At California Zoo: Three Remain In The World

The 41-year-old Nola was euthanized by San Diego Zoo Safari Park Sunday due to a losing health battle. The female northern white rhino was the last of her kind in captivity in the Western hemisphere.

Earth/Environment November 23, 2015

Cameras Embedded In Rhino Horns Could Help Stop Illegal Poaching

Non-profit conservationist org Protect created a device to monitor wildlife activity and notify authorities for any signs of poaching. The device involves a heart rate monitor, GPS and a video camera. The group plans to save other animals with the use of this device.

Earth/Environment July 26, 2015

Close to 100,000 Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtles Hatch In Mexican Beaches

Around 100,000 Kemp's ridley sea turtle hatchlings have been recently documented in Mexican beaches. More hatchlings are expected before the season ends and authorities are keeping a keen eye on other nests along the shore.

Earth/Environment July 24, 2015

Real-Time Data Tracking And GPS Might Save The Lives of Endangered Rhinos

British scientists have developed a GPS real-time data-tracking device that might be the key to saving rhinos from the brink of extinction.

July 20, 2015

White Rhinos On The Path To Extinction With Last Male Member Nearing Old Age

Northern white rhino numbers have dwindled over the years, and now, Sudan is the only male left and he's old. Can he still prevent the species from going extinct?

Earth/Environment July 17, 2015

Incredibly Realistic 3D-Printed Horns Could Put An End To Rhino Poaching

Rhino poaching is the greatest threat to the survival of the animals. Could this practice be ended by the production of artificial horns?

Earth/Environment June 15, 2015

Hunter From Texas Pays $350,000 For Right To Kill Black Rhino

The hunter, Corey Knowlton, paid to hunt and kill the black rhino—ironically—to be able to protect the critically endangered species.

Earth/Environment May 21, 2015

EV Battery Maker A123 Systems' Lawsuit Claims Apple Poached Its Top Engineers. Ouch!

Amid reports that it is either building an electric car or a driverless car, or maybe even both, Apple is sued for poaching engineering talent from a car battery maker.

Legal February 20, 2015

Japanese Whale Poachers Head to Antarctica -- to Count Whales

Japanese whaling ships are out and about but they’re not hunting--they’re counting. It’s research whaling, they say, but is it?

Earth/Environment January 9, 2015

Rare Northern White Rhino on Threshold of Extinction: Angalifu Dies in San Diego Zoo

Poaching has drastically reduced the population of the northern white rhinoceros. With the death of Angalifu at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, there are now only five of this species left.

Earth/Environment December 16, 2014

Death of northern white rhino in Kenya puts species on brink of extinction

One down, six left. With just a little more than a handful of them left, northern white rhinos are dangerously close to being extinct.

Earth/Environment October 23, 2014

Pangolin, Star tortoise face extinction threat from Indian poachers

Native poachers are pushing some threatened animals toward extinction, to feed a growing trade in food and traditional medicine.

Earth/Environment August 19, 2014

Elephants may soon face extinction, thanks to rise in illegal poaching

We could be facing a future without elephants. Due to a dramatic rise in illegal poaching and a booming ivory trade in China, hunters are killing elephants faster than they reproduce.

Internet Culture August 19, 2014

NY bans purchase and sale of ivory: Happy World Elephant Day!

New York passes law banning ivory sales as demand drives disastrous poaching of African elephants. Law will impose harsh penalties on illegal importation or sale of both elephant ivory and rhinoceros horns.

Earth/Environment August 12, 2014

Old smartphones can save forests, animals. Here's how.

Old smartphones get a new lease on life as part of a surveillance system developed by Rainforest Connection, featuring real-time alerts for real-time response to illegal logging and poaching.

Earth/Environment July 7, 2014

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