Instead of just giving users walls of texts when they search for something, Google Assistant will now give more informative, visually vivid cards with more details included at a glance.

Google has updated the way Assistant displays search results so the user doesn't just end up with a stack of web links. On Android, Google Assistant now shows more detailed information cards for certain questions.

Google Assistant Gets Revamped Visual Search Results

When the user searches for local events, for example, they'll see cards with associated visuals and bookmark buttons. A query for, say, cute toy dogs, will show pictures of spaniels, Pinschers, and terriers on top of the actual results.

It's a small but welcome upgrade that stands to enliven the experience of Search. Mobile always has to be interactive and dynamic, and Google has known that for a while now. Google Instant, previews, and all sorts of upgrades make Google Search on the web a lot more intuitive, and the fact that the company is integrating these into mobile is a boon for all users.

How They'll Look

Other upgraded search results include stocks. When a user asks for a company's stats in the stock exchange, Google Assistant will now display a performance graph, with financial calculators, color pickers, and even a bubble level, for good measure. Searches that involve basic web links will show up in a revamped and more sophisticated vertical format that's better suited for the mobile experience.

"We've been working to make the Assistant even better on the device that's with you wherever you go: your phone," Google said in a blog post. "Last fall, we launched a visual refresh to the Assistant on phones, and today, we're bringing a new update to Android phones that will provide better visual responses and more complete information at a glance."

Revamped Google Assistant search results are live on Android. No word yet on when iOS support might arrive, but make sure to check back with Tech Times as we learn more. Google Assistant is available for free on iOS, and for Android, it's baked in depending on what version of the operating system is installed.

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