Arby's is offering a one-day vacation in Hawaii for just $6. The offer is a first come, first served basis good for 10 lucky winners.

The offer is in celebration with the fast-food chain's limited-time release of its three new King's Hawaiian Bun sandwiches.

One-Day Adventure

"We have some of the most passionate fans in the world, and I can't imagine a bringing a new sandwich to our menus without inviting them to join the celebration," said Jim Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer of Arby's. "Any brand can put together a vacation sweepstakes, but there's only one that can create a day trip to Hawaii for the cost of a sandwich - and that's Arby's."

The trip is a literal one-day adventure, and aside from getting free King's Hawaiian Sandwiches, winners will also get a chance to be featured in a marketing video shoot for Arby's and King's Hawaiian.

First Come, First Served

Arby's Hawaiian trip promo is not the usual draw-lots stunt where winners will be randomly chosen. Arby's is actually selling the offer for $6 on its website, and the first 10 people who signed up are the ones who are going.

The promo period will start on April 12, and five exclusive spots will be available by then. According to the terms and conditions, participants are just required to submit a registration form complete with their personal details.

On-screen instructions are provided in regard to payment for the offer. It can either be paid via credit card or through Arby's free redemption code "ALOHA." Each entry is eligible to one participant only.

The second promo period is on April 15, and another 10 exclusive spots will be given. The same rules apply to the second period, and all chosen participants will be notified via e-mail. The trip will commence on April 27 of this year.

A $6 Hawaiian Trip

According to the terms and conditions, the $6 trip consists of one coach-class round trip air transportation between a major commercial airport near the participant's residence and Los Angeles International Airport. The offer also includes hotel accommodation for one night in Los Angeles, California on April 26 at a hotel selected by Arby's.

To get to Hawaii, participants are entitled first-class round trip air transportation between LAX and Daniel K. Inouye International Airport on April 27. A $150 gift card is also included to cover all per diem expenses, as well as a $500 check made payable to the participant after the Offer Item trip has ended. The terms state that this may be used to help offset, but not completely eliminate any tax liability associated with accepting an Offer Item.

Round trip air transportation between LAX and HNL will occur on the same day.

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