Cory Barlog, director of God of War, has confirmed once again that there is no downloadable content coming.

Considering the wild success of the game, it's not surprising to see fans asking for more, but from the look of things, they shouldn't hold their breath.

The Confirmation

The whole commotion started when Barlog tweeted a teaser of sorts that could possibly be misunderstood as implying that a DLC or something along those lines is making its way. Soon after, he followed it up with a clarification.

What he's really referring to is the free goodies that are rolling out as part of the anniversary celebration of God of War. There's a dynamic PlayStation 4 theme and avatar set to start things off, and more are presumably coming, according to the tweet.

Why It's Not Happening

Barlog is up to developing a DLC and, in fact, already had an idea for it, but it was "too ambitious." He's been told that it's "crazy," that it isn't a DLC anymore, and that it's a "little too big."

"It would [have] ended up being its own thing," he told Kinda Funny.

Internet Reactions

As expected, fans were quick to react to the tweets, and a lot of them encapsulate what everybody's feeling in a hilarious way.

Adding more drama to the hullabaloo, Barlog also jokingly tweeted that the next God of War is going to be an exclusive to the Epic game store.

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