Apple Might Swap Your iPhone 6 Because of Apple Pay Glitch


A number of Apple Pay users are complaining that they have been unable to add their credit cards back into the service after restoring their phones to factory settings. Apart from the restore, other activities that yielded the same issue afterwards include removing a passcode from the device and logging out of one's iCloud account.

When the users try to reload their cards, a message would then pop up which says, "Could not add card. Try again later or contact your card issuer for more information."

Customers have aired their concerns on Apple's discussion boards.

"I thought to restore my phone as new and since after doing that I can't add any cards back to the Apple Pay," said Roshanalex.

Some users have tried downgrading their devices to iOS 8.1.1 but were unable to resolve the issue.

"I'm also having this issue, even downgraded back to iOS 8.1.1," said Drywl1992.

The user added that he was unable to add his card to Apple Pay after he signed in using a new iCloud account.

One user also expressed frustration after having tried all sorts of resolutions, but the issue has remained.

"I've restored from two different backups, downgraded to iOS 8.1.1, done a complete erase with no restore to simulate a clean phone, reset network settings, reset all settings and all of those have done nothing," said finalcutandy. "I get the same error overtime trying to load any card in from any bank. Extremely frustrating."

The statements seem to suggest that there was a failure to completely clear the secure enclave even if the user has received bank notifications that the cards were already removed after the device was restored.

Most of the users who reported the issue at an Apple store were offered a replacement for their iPhone. Some said that they were given a refurbished device while others claim that they received a brand new item as a replacement.

There's no information yet on how many iPhone 6 owners are affected by the issue. Either it is a system-wide glitch that is affecting users of Apple Pay or an issue that involves only a few iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices.

For those who use Apple Pay heavily, they are advised not to do a factory reset on their device just yet.

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