OnePlus 7 Pro To Boast ‘Breakthrough’ Display That You Have To ‘See To Believe’


OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has now shared initial details about his company's forthcoming flagship devices. Perhaps the biggest change is that the OnePlus 7 will arrive with a larger sibling called the OnePlus 7 Pro, which will feature 5G and a major display upgrade.

Another big change is the potential pricing of this larger model. OnePlus has yet to disclose the exact price tag, but the OnePlus 7 Pro is expected to cost somewhere close to the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S10, Huawei P30 Pro, and the iPhone XS. This should perhaps come a big surprise considering OnePlus has always been considered a brand for inexpensive devices with flagship-tier specs and features.

OnePlus 7 Pro Display

Besides offering hype, Lau was largely vague on the details regarding the new phone while speaking to The Verge. He did note that the company is spending three times as much on its display this year than on previous models, and that this new panel will "redefine fast and smooth" and set a new benchmark for mobile displays.

"The first time I saw it myself, I was stunned," said Lau, who promises that the screen will be "super smooth and very crisp." He did not elaborate what that might mean exactly. But rumors of 90 Hz screens are already making the rounds, which would fit with his teasing about "smoothness."

There are already a handful of phones in the market that boast high refresh rates, including gaming-centric handsets such as the first and second Razer Phones and the Asus ROG Phone. The iPad Pro, too, boasts a whopping 120 Hz refresh rate. The argument is that higher refresh rates on phones make for smoother, more fluid, and less stuttery animations when playing games or even using these devices in general.

Lau was equally vague when it comes to the subject of 5G. It seems 5G will be offered, but the company isn't promoting it too loudly. Perhaps OnePlus knows that this new technology is still in its early form and is remaining cautious about making big promises lest it ends up being empty talk.

What About The Regular OnePlus 7 Model?

The upcoming OnePlus 7 model, on the other hand, might not have this new display technology OnePlus is enormously hyping about, but it'll still be more expensive than the OnePlus 6T. As The Verge notes, the challenge for Lau is convincing consumers that OnePlus phones are still worth getting, given how these devices have largely stepped away from their position as low-budget flagship killers. Now, it seems OnePlus is trying to parallel its pricing scheme with other manufacturers instead of undercutting them.

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