Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Confirmed To Have 5G By Verizon


Verizon has confirmed that the next Samsung Galaxy Note is going to support 5G.

Presumably, the device in question is going to be called the Galaxy Note 10, if history is anything to go by.

Galaxy Note 10 5G Edition

As reported by The Verge, Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg has said that there's a Galaxy Note 10 5G in the pipeline during the carrier's quarterly earnings call for the first quarter of 2019.

"The Note and the Galaxy coming this year will both have 5G," he said.

Out of all the reports about a Galaxy Note with 5G capability, this is the best one yet.

Other 'Evidences'

The rumor mill has been churning out a lot of details regarding the next-generation Galaxy Note. Particularly, there was one that said Samsung would roll it out in two sizes: one that measures at 6.28 inches and another at 6.75 inches. That's not the only important part here. It also said that there would be LTE and 5G versions of the two models, meaning there could be a total of four options to choose from.

At any rate, it's not a stretch to believe. The South Korean brand did launch the Galaxy S10 in four variants: the standard model, Galaxy S10E, Galaxy S10 Plus, and Galaxy S10 5G.

On top of that, the Galaxy Note has traditionally been Samsung's smartphone with all the bells and whistles it has to offer, and as part of the "bells and whistles," 5G capability could be included in the mix.

Verizon's 5G Phones

Big Red already has a 5G phone in store, and it even scored an exclusivity deal on it with Samsung. For those who don't know, it's the Galaxy S10 5G, and the carrier recently revealed its details, from its release date to its pricing.

That said, it's set to ship out on May 16 with a whopping $1,300 price tag. Verizon does have some promos to cut down the cost, such as a trade-in offer of up to $450 for eligible phones.

Vestberg also mentioned that it also has a 5G device from LG, and he could be referring to the LG V50 ThinQ 5G, which has an optional second screen attachment.

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