A select few can already put products inside Instagram Stories, but now they'll be able to do the same on regular Instagram posts, as well.

Seemingly in a bid to disrupt the very lucrative world of online shopping, last month Instagram started allowing users to buy products from a select group of brands without leaving the app, and now it's taking that a step further by extending the feature to celebrities, influencers, and other notable individuals on the platform.

Starting next week, Instagram will allow these folks to tag products in their posts, giving audiences the ability to buy whatever is featured, be it clothes or cosmetics, directly from Instagram.

Shopping On Instagram

Currently, many creators on Instagram have to go through a number of things just to feature products. They have to tag brands, add details in the caption, and respond to countless comments and direct messages just to let their followers know what apparel they're wearing or makeup they've put on, says Instagram. The new feature is supposed to iron this kink out, removing that unnecessary friction and making the experience better for users who want to shop from within the app.

"We are committed to making the shopping experience simple, convenient and secure. This is yet another important step in our shopping journey and we'll continue to listen to feedback from our community on how we can make the experience even better," Instagram wrote in a blog post, as Engadget reports.

Instagram Checkout

The company will test the feature with a select few creators over the coming weeks, including Gigi Hadid, Kim Kardashian West, and other notable celebrities and influencers. It's also giving publishers such as Elle, GQ, HypeBeast, and many others access to the tools. The only requirement from them is that they have to be part of Instagram's Checkout beta, which includes major brands such as Nike, Zara, and others. More brands are expected to hop onboard in the coming months, as well.

"Discovery and the ability to drive cultures forward are in our DNA, and Instagram is a vital platform for us to provide this experience to our readers," according to Huan Nguyen brand partnerships VP of HypeBeast in North America. "The ease of transacting provided with this update will allow us to deepen our relationship with our followers and improve their shopping experience within the platform."


Another new addition is a new Donation Sticker that's accessed from within Stories, which allows creators to call to their fanbase for help with a variety of causes. The author can select a nonprofit organization they want to raise money for and add the sticker into their story. They'll be able to see who's donating and how much by visiting the story pane and swiping up on the screen. The sticker is currently only available in the United States.

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