Have you ever pulled up to a gas pump only to remember that your tank is on the other side of the car? Everyone's done it at least once.

However, one woman did it four times in a row, and sadly for her (but fortunately for us), it was caught on security camera.

The incident took place in Great Britain, where the unidentified woman drives up to the pump, but instead of turning the car around, she simply orbits the filling station. The remarkable thing is that she does it four times in a row before realizing that she's doing it wrong. Even though the video is sped up, it's plain to see that she pauses in confusion each time she gets out of the car, as if in disbelief that this time, the gas cap still isn't there.

By the third or fourth time around, it looks like she's talking on her phone. We're guessing she's called up a loved one to ask which side the gas tank is on. Or maybe talking on the phone is what's keeping her from thinking through what she's doing. It certainly works that way when people talk and drive.

At least the video is too grainy to discern her identity. How embarrassing would that be?

At the time of this writing, the video had received more than 6.8 million views and counting.

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