Top 5 Best Free Password Managers In 2019


The more online accounts you have, the more passwords you need to manage. While security requirements vary by site, using random, strong and unique passwords is an important step in minimizing online threats. Creating and remembering such passwords, however, is no easy task. Whether you're an individual, small business,  or a large organization, password management-without the proper tools-can be a struggle

In step password managers. Password managers are designed to alleviate the burden of creating, storing, and managing your online accounts. They organize and encrypt your passwords, increasing not only your online security, but also making your online experience far more convenient.

Although there are many password managers on the market, they're not all created equal. Below are our top picks for the best free password managers of 2019.

1. RoboForm

RoboForm is our pick for the overall best free password manager. RoboForm provides users with a wide range of safe and convenient tools for securely accessing and managing their data. It offers support for all major platforms and browsers, offers the most options for customer support, and its premium version offers the most value of any on our list. According to the company, customers range from individuals and small businesses to government agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

The personal version of RoboForm offers three plans: Free, Everywhere, and Family. The Free version includes a wide offering of useful features found in most password managers. The application allows users to store an unlimited amount of passwords for free on a single device. RoboForm Everywhere is the premium cross-platform subscription service. It is offered in 1, 3, and 5 year subscription durations and is available for for just $23.88/year. The Family plan offers Everywhere access for up to 5 family members for $47.75/year.  

RoboForm is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS, and Android with support for all their respective browsers, including Internet Explorer. No matter the browser or the device, RoboForm does all the work. Passwords are captured and saved, with the no additional steps required from the user.  It can even be used to save and enter passwords for Windows applications such as Skype or Spotify, a rare function among password managers.  

One of RoboForm's most impressive features is its form filling; here it truly beats out all of the competition. RoboForm lets users store multiple instances of addresses, bank accounts, and other data types under each form fill Identity. We've yet to find a form or login it won't fill correctly. And, with unlimited Identities, users can create profiles not only for themselves, but also family members and clients. From online shopping to financial forms, RoboForm instantly fills personal information with the click of a button.

RoboForm users don't have to worry about insecure sharing methods such as sticky notes or emails. Whether sharing one Login or a folder of Logins, users can share data with confidence, knowing their information is protected. When sharing a folder, users can even select the folder access level they wish to grant the recipient. Want to share a password without the recipient being able to view or edit it? With RoboForm you can do that!

Organization is also bar none with RoboForm. The app's drag and drop pinning lets users sort their data in whatever order they please, and passwords can be stored and categorized in easy-to-manage folders. RoboForm also lets users bookmark their favorite sites for quick and easy access across all of your browsers and devices.

RoboForm takes security seriously and you can see its implementation  through every stage of the password management cycle. Its random password generator builds strong and unique passwords, allowing up 500 characters for the extra security cautious, and the Security Center audits user passwords, providing an overall security score, as well as a security rating for individual Logins. The application's robust AES 256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA256 encryption protects against dictionary, brute force and other types of attacks. All decryption happens locally on the user's device, and the decryption key ('Master Password') never hits the RoboForm server. RoboForm also supports Two-Factor Authentication via Google Authenticator, Authy, Microsoft Authenticator and other time-based one-time password (TOTP) authenticator apps.

Lastly, should you have a question or concern, their support team is there to help.  RoboForm Everywhere users can receive immediate assistance  via live chat. In addition,RoboForm offers a  24/7 online support system. If that's not enough, users can also send Facebook message, or request a callback.

In sum, the password manager is buzzing with brilliance from all angles. It offers not only years of experience and reliability, but also the power features its users want and need. Worried it'll be too complicated? It's not. While powerful and robust, RoboForm is an easy-to-use application that offers the features and flexibility you want and need without the complication.

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2. Dashlane

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in New York, Dashlane is a leading password manager known for its impressive performance. It provides a simple and safe way to fill passwords and personal data on different sites and platforms. Dashlane's free version only stores up to 50 passwords, so if you want to get any serious use out of it, you'll have to pay the hefty $59.99/year.

The password managing tool keeps all the personal information at a single place. Its patented security architecture protects privacy in every situation, and the real-time alerts keep lurking dangers at bay, providing personalized alerts in time. The identity dashboard provides all the details regarding online security at a single place. The user gets to autofill forms and logins with stored passwords and personal info. It syncs across all platforms and devices, ensuring safe access to the user all the time. However, Dashlane lacks certain key organizational features like folders.

The built-in password generator helps with creation and storage of unique passwords in just one click, and with the secure notes, one can encrypt personal data and attachments to store confidential information.

3. LastPass

Owned by LogMeIn, LastPass has a large audience of users. Created to cater to the privacy and security needs of modern-day businesses and individuals, it is available in free as well as paid format.

The tool remembers all the passwords of the user, also helping one generate distinct passwords in one click/tap. One can store all digital information (card details, membership) apart from passwords at one place and access the same without any problem. It also allows safe sharing of passwords and notes with anyone while also taking care of emergency. The family and friends can access the user's account in case of any untoward event.

LastPass simplifies log in activities, making it super-fast to access sites, shop online, and make online payments. It syncs across devices and platforms, but the users also need to sync with the server of LastPass. The password manager gives one absolute freedom to surf sites without any worry. To get started, all one has to do is make a strong Master password, and it will take care of all the passwords going ahead. Anyone looking for a modern, feature-rich, and credible password manager would find LastPass to be a great choice.

4. Keeper

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Keeper Security is a leading provider of password security tool. It offers a secure and powerful password manager to control password and data breaches. Its proprietary zero-knowledge security architecture protects privacy and nips online threats in the bud.

One can easily share passwords without exposing the confidential details. The user interface provides all the information at one place, which can be accessed on any device at any time. With browser support offered for all the major players, one can use it freely on the web. Installation is easy with one Master Password kicking off the journey.

Having Keeper by one's side means peace of mind and improved productivity, as the users can focus on the core job, not having to worry about safety in any way. It saves time and efforts, synchronizing the various log-in activities and passwords in order. Suited for individual users as well as large-size commercial ventures, it is available in free and paid versions with special plans catering to individuals, families, businesses, and enterprises This cloud-based password manager is easy enough to use and with 24/7 support and competitive pricing, it is among the most efficient and easygoing password managers available in the market.

5. 1Password

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Toronto, 1Password is a safe and easy-to-use password manager. It doesn't have a free version on desktop or Android, offering just a 30 day free trial. After that, you will have to purchase a subscription to keep using it.

It comes armed with some of the best features needed to manage data/password like a pro. With AES 256-bit encryption guarding the security, confirming to safety guidelines is a cakewalk, and the privacy of the user gets full protection. One can keep all kinds of information in proper form in an organized manner with convenient categories and personalized tags. This helps find what one needs in seconds, and with powerful, customizable search, looking for any data-related detail is a no-brainer.

1Password remembers and fills web forms with one's passwords, credit card info, addresses, and the like with a single click, making web browsing and shopping a delightful exercise. Compatible with all the major browsers and operating systems, it gets started in minutes. All one has to do is generate a Master Password.

A wonderful solution to tackle security threats and password management, it is trusted by more than 40,000 businesses across the globe. Recipient of several awards and glowing reviews from esteemed publications, it comes at a price whether it is for individual, family, or business usage.

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