Google is going to pay some users up to $500 as part of a class-action lawsuit settlement involving faulty Google Pixel devices.

In their lawsuit, owners of the original Pixel claimed that the company knowingly sold handsets with faulty microphones. Approval is still pending, but Google could pay up to the aforementioned amount to certain Pixel owners, with the overall settlement totaling to $7.25 million.

In 2017, there were a number of reports about original Pixel and Pixel XL units experiencing microphone failures, which some affected owners guessed could be because of a hairline crack in the microphone's solder. Google issued a return merchandise authorization, or RMA, to affected customers, but the problem continued even on replacement units. Shortly thereafter, the lawsuit in question was launched.

Who's Eligible For The Compensation?

There are a number of requirements to get a piece of that settlement money, and even then there's no guarantee that the full $500 would be paid. In any case, eligible candidates include:

• Any U.S. Pixel or Pixel XL owner who bought a phone manufactured before Jan. 4, 2017.

• Joins the settlement by July 9, 2019, or 60 days from the May 10 notice.

• Able to provide proof of purchase or was contacted directly by the Settlement Administration about the lawsuit.

How Much Will Google Pay You?

The entire $7.25 million settlement fund will be divided to pay for administrative costs, attorney fees, service awards to the four class representatives — at $5,000 each — and finally, Pixel users. Affected users will be categorized into four segments, and each has a different compensation grant.

• $500 for those who experienced the defect in more than one device, including the original phone and the faulty RMA replacement.

• $350 for those who experienced the defect in one phone only.

• Up to $20 for those who didn't experience the effect on their Pixel device but would like to be included in the lawsuit.

• The full amount if the person paid their insurance company a deductible, in addition to the categories already mentioned.

How To Be A Claimant

The settlement has yet to receive ratification by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, but since both parties seem to have agreed, as Android Police notes, it'll likely be approved. Attorneys are set to publish forms that need to be filled up post-approval. Potential claimants can visit this website to sign up, although it appears to be down as of this writing.

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