Baby Birds In Trash Bag Rescued From Portland Dumpster


Baby birds were discovered inside a plastic bag in a dumpster in Portland. Fortunately, they were found by a kind passerby who rescued them from the dumpster.

‘Literally Thrown Away In The Trash’

“Literally thrown away in the trash” is how the Center for Wildlife described the ordeal that a group of baby birds endured. The four baby starlings were stuffed into a plastic bag along with their nest, and thrown into a dumpster in Portland.

The poor creatures were rescued when a passerby heard the muffled sounds and inspected inside the dumpster. There, the citizen found the baby birds inside the plastic bag which already had some garbage piled on top of it. According to the group, if the birds were not discovered, they might have slowly died of suffocation and starvation, or they would have been crushed by garbage.

One of the birds suffered a broken leg, while the other three were hungry, confused, and subdued.

Living With Wildlife

The group expressed its frustration with how the creatures were handled, especially since the birds were about a week from starting to fledge. The birds will remain in the care of the group, and will be released once they have made a full recovery.

“There are so many ways to humanely live alongside wildlife, and there is never a justification for simply tossing a life away in the trash,” the group said.


The four baby birds are of the starling species, a group of birds that appear to be black in the distance but actually have shades of purple and green from up-close. Starlings are fast flyers that walk confidently on the ground, and the noisy birds spend most of their time with their flocks.

While starlings are quite common garden birds, they are a Red List species because of their decline in some places.

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