Google could be working on ways to bridge the gap between its laptop and mobile platforms, according to a new rumor.

In the way that Apple closely integrates macOS and iOS to offer its users a more seamless, friction-less experience, Google might soon do the same for Chrome OS and Android.

Chrome Story has recently uncovered some code snippets suggesting Google is planning to make Android and Chrome OS more closely together. Right now, the two platforms do have some integration, but it's not as extensive as Apple's current ecosystem, or for that matter, Microsoft, which is also bridging its devices closer together.


The code refers to a something called "OneChrome," which could be called One Chrome once revealed to the public officially. The code commit covers both desktop and Android versions, and includes a list of features.

These include being able to "call a number," which presumably means calling someone using either platforms, sharing texts from Android to any device clipboard, using end-to-end encryption, listing a target device in Android, filtering by device, and others.

End-To-End Encryption

Given the phraseology of those potential integrations, one thing is clear: whatever happens, communication between Android and Chrome OS will be end-to-end encrypted. The "send to device," meanwhile feature is also here, which is pretty self-explanatory. Presumably, users will be able to pick which device to send stuff to, and it may include texts and other things from a person's clipboard.

As for the call support, the feature presumably would allow users to call phone numbers they find right within Chrome. Say a person finds a phone number they want to call while browsing on their Chromebook. They can then send that phone number to their Android phone and, once sent, will show a quick call prompt.

Bear in mind that these features, though present in code form, are not guaranteed to show up officially later on. Google does all sorts of experiments all the time, and it tends to scrap projects as much as it pushes them out in stable, final form. Even still, there's a huge potential here if done right. Apple has nailed its own ecosystem, and in turn, made it harder for users to step away from Apple products given how well its products work in tandem. It's not clear if Google is trying to do something similar. Time, however, will tell.

Thrilled from Chrome OS and Android to work more closely together? As always, if you have any thoughts, feel free to sound them off in the comments section below!

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