Samsung could be delaying the launch of the Galaxy Fold again.

That means it may not launch in June, and the earliest that fans can expect is a July release date.

Galaxy Fold Delay

As reported by the Yonhap News Agency (via Droid Life), Samsung won't be launching its first foldable phone in June, an estimated release date made by industry analysts that AT&T seemingly backed.

Best Buy has also said that it's canceling all preorders of the Galaxy Fold because of its uncertain release date.

From the look of things, the South Korean brand needs more time to work out the kinks so that the foldable device won't break in the hands of its users.

Problems So Far

The Galaxy Fold was off to a rocky start. While it wowed a lot of attendees during its unveiling event, it started to show its issues when Samsung sent review units to tech journalists and influencers.

The main problem was that early reviewers peeled off a polymer layer on its inner display and, thus, broke the device. In their defense, though, the material looked a lot like an ordinary plastic screen protector, not to mention that there wasn't any sufficient warning advising against doing it.

Another flaw is it had little to no ingress protection in the spine, allowing debris and the like to get inside and damage the display. The iFixit team highlighted this in a teardown, pointing out the device's "overwhelming fragility."

Samsung CEO DJ Koh assured fans that the Galaxy Fold "will not be too late," but he didn't say when it can be expected to roll out.

Now a recent report said that the manufacturer is fixing the issues by tucking the aforementioned polymer layer into the phone's body and reduce the gap at the top and bottom parts of the hinge to prevent dirt and such to compromise its innards.

However, it seems that Samsung still can't resolve all the problems just yet. At that, it's unclear when the Galaxy Fold will really launch to the public.

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