Samsung Galaxy S10 Issues: Users Are Reporting Freezing, Forced Reboots After Latest Update


Samsung Galaxy S10 owners have started reporting major problems on their phones after installing the latest software update.

According to them, the issue freezes their devices and forces a reboot.

Galaxy S10 Issues

As reported earlier by SamMobile, the update that came with phone-breaking bugs is XXU1ASE5. It's also the one that bumped the security patch to May 2019 and brought improvements for the camera, namely for Night mode.

In most instances, users say that third-party apps such as Twitter and Nova Launcher freeze on their Galaxy S10, but they're also experiencing the same issue on other apps, including Google Chrome, YouTube, and the official Reddit app, to name a few.

However, it gets worse. Over at Reddit and the XDA-Developers forums, owners are saying that the phones themselves are freezing as well. The handsets still retain some functions, though. They say that pressing and holding on the power button can still display the options to power off or restart, but they can't get either one to work. In those cases, the device reboots by itself eventually.

Other reports say that pressing the power button turns off the screen, but it doesn't lock the phone. Meanwhile, some owners also say that the under-display fingerprint reader doesn't function from time to time, or if it does work, it doesn't respond as fast as before.

Is There A Fix?

At the time of writing, there's no known fix just yet. It seems that a factory reset doesn't resolve the problem either. A full reboot apparently brings the Galaxy S10 back to working condition, but only temporarily.

In other words, users are advised to hold off from installing the latest update for now, but for those who already updated their phones, they'll have to wait until Samsung rolls out a fix, even though the company has yet to acknowledge the issue.

If you've been experiencing similar issues on your Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10E, or Galaxy S10 Plus, feel free to hit us up in the comments section below and let us know.

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