After initially delaying the Galaxy Fold's original April 26 release date following overwhelming reports of quality problems, it appears Samsung has fixed such woes and is preparing to re-release the handset soon.

According to Bloomberg, Samsung has completed redesigning the Galaxy Fold to address screen durability issues that surfaced months ago. Units sent to various publications and independent reviewers were found to be highly prone to malfunctioning, triggering skepticism for the phone's design and engineering.

But as Bloomberg reports, the foldable phone is soon to begin commercial production. Samsung has yet to confirm a new release date, though, and one person told Bloomberg that the phone is unlikely to make an appearance at the Galaxy Note 10 event happening this August.

Galaxy Fold Issues Fixed?

Samsung reportedly has made the screen's protective film "flow into the bezels so it would be impossible to peel off by hand." On the previous design, that "film" didn't reach the bezels entirely and looked similar to removable screen protector. Which might be the reason why many users thought it was supposed to be peeled off. Removing it actually destroyed the screen completely, as some reviewers found out the hard way.

Also, Samsung has apparently revised the design of the hinge to make it more flush with the display. There's no mention of whether the seam in the middle has been updated as well, but make sure to check back with Tech Times as we learn more.

Galaxy Fold

It remains to be determined whether the Galaxy Fold will retain its original price tag of nearly $2,000. As mentioned, it was supposed to launch on April 26 until reviewers began noticing problems with the build quality of the handset. To be fair to Samsung, the Galaxy Fold is a new kind of device and thus needs time to perfect. Its problematic launch might dampen public interest for a phone of this kind, however.

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