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The smartphone app market is saturated with different mobile security apps with each one claiming to help you control and monitor mobile activity. If you have used a ton of these apps like I have, it can get repetitive to find out that most of these apps do basically the same thing. Most of them have the same basic features and none of them stand out. However, mSpy is widely regarded as one of the best, if not the best tools for tracking your phone. 

In the following review, we will discuss why this is so. What makes mSpy so highly rated? What are the benefits of using this app? What are the disadvantages? Read on to find out more.

mSpy Review

With mSpy, you can monitor the way your child uses his cellphone. It is a monitoring tool that allows you to know what they are doing on their devices.  Although the focus is on parental control, mSpy can be used in many other situations.

For example, if you are suspicious your partner is cheating on you or engaging in nefarious activities, you can use this app to track what they do on their phone.

Employers and organizations also use this software. Many employers complain about drops in productivity levels from their employees. One reason for this is the use of social networks and related apps by workers on company time. To monitor, and control the use of social media and related software by employees, many employers have resorted to using mSpy. 

Features of mSpy

  • GPS Tracking: How to track a phone has been a concern of many parents. Since kids are often inseparable from their phones, it is one sure way of knowing the exact location of your child. The mSpy software does several things in this regard. First it records the GPS location of your child's phone. Therefore, you can see his exact location on a map. It also sends you periodic updates to show where he is.

  • View Call Log: The app allows you to monitor their calls. Although you cannot listen in to phone calls, you can get details like who called them, how long the call lasted, the timestamp of the call, and other details.

  • Read messages and E-mails: mSpy allows you to tap into your child's phone to read any of their messages and e-mails. Even if the messages are deleted from the phone, mSpy can still retrieve these for your perusal. While testing this app, I discovered that you can link this feature to Gmail and other email clients.

  • Record Keystrokes : mSpy allows users to uncover and record every single keystroke. You can use this to know the information your child has been sanding to others. This function is currently limited to Android devices. With it you can know things such as log in details, passwords, emails, and messages.

  • Website Monitoring and Blocking: The Internet can be a very dangerous place, especially for inexperienced children. With this function, parents can monitor the websites their kids visit. Parents can also restrict access to websites that are dangerous and unwholesome for their children.

These are just some of the best features that mSpy offers to users. During use, we found the application quite easy to install and set up. 

How To Install mSpy

It should be noted that the installation method differs from device to device.

Installing the software on a Jailbroken IOS device requires a different method when installing on an IOS device that hasn't been tampered with.

And the installation on an Android device is different from installation on IOS devices. 

Furthermore, since mSpy comes in different packages, installation processes for each package varies.

Regardless, of the differences the entire process are quick and easy.

Is mSpy Detectable?

The whole point of installing this app on another's phone is moot if it can be detected, right? Thankfully, during testing, I observed that the app is virtually undetectable.

It did not appear on the app drawer list or even in the app manager. Furthermore, it did not drain the battery which could have led to suspicions.


  • Aside from the great features, customer support and technical assistance is incredible.


  • To enjoy the most advanced features, you need to pay for the premium package 


This app is the best spy app you can get, period. With great features and wonderful customer support, you can't go wrong with it.

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