In the world of tablets, iPads reign supreme. That doesn't mean Samsung is giving up on trying to take the throne from Apple, though. Its latest effort, the just-announced Galaxy Tab S6, is a gorgeously designed tablet with killer specs that's a worthy rival to the iPad Pro.

Samsung is positioning the Galaxy Tab S6 as a device designed both for productivity and entertainment, which is why it's got one of the best screens on the market right now, plus its own S Pen, to boot. Like the iPad Pro, it can also be attached to an optional keyboard case. The device comes out this Sept. 6 for $649, boasting 128 GB of storage paired with 6 GB of RAM. If that's not enough, users can go with the 8 GB RAM and 256 GB storage variant that will cost $729. Samsung plans to release an LTE version later in the year as well.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Specs

The Galaxy Tab S6 boasts a 10.5-inch OLED screen with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 and an aspect ratio of 16:10. The design is very similar to the preceding Galaxy Tab S4, but with thinner bezels this time. The facial recognition has been cut too in exchange for an in-screen optical fingerprint scanner.

Underneath it all is a Qualcomm snapdragon 855 processor and a 7,040 mAh battery, which Samsung says will last up to 15 hours on a single charge. On the back, there's a dual-camera system composed of a standard lens and a wide-angle lens. It's also here where users will find a magnetic strip where the included S Pen stylus can be docked. The device can charge the stylus when it's attacked, similar to the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro.

The S Pen included here features the same remote-control features as the S Pen included with the Galaxy Note 9, allowing, for instance, a user to trigger the camera shutter at a distance. There are also new gestures for scrolling through media and other functions while holding the pen, as The Verge notes, adding that these may show up on the new Galaxy Note 10 when it's announced very soon.

There's One Thing Missing

In all, the Galaxy Tab S6 looks fit to topple the iPad Pro's reign in the tablet market, save for one important thing: there's no headphone jack. Even Apple, the company that started this trend, put a headphone jack on all its iPad Pros. Not Samsung, though — it's ready to bid goodbye to the good old analog port. If that's an issue, stick with the iPad. If not, the Galaxy Tab S6 is worth considering.

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