Google Assistant can do many things but for a long time, reading and replying to messages from third-party messaging apps is not one of them. Now, it can support third-party SMS apps such as Telegram and WhatsApp.

Messaging Apps

Google Assistant has the capability to read and reply to messages from Hangouts as well as its native Messages app. However, if asked to “read my messages,” it will only read SMS messages and skip the ones from third-party messaging apps. The problem is, many users also use other messaging apps on a daily basis, but they are unable to use Google Assistant for those.

Now, reports say that Google Assistant has recently been reading messages from various third-party messaging apps and lets the user answer them as well. When asked to read the messages, Google Assistant will read the message out loud, as well as the name of the sender and the app where the message was sent. The user is also given the option to reply to the message either via dictation or via typing, after which the message will then be marked as read.

Google Assistant For Messaging

To determine whether Google Assistant works on the messaging app you most use, one must wait for a new message from that app and then open Google Assistant by saying “Hey Google.” If this is being done for the first time, a pop-up will appear on the screen, asking for permission to read the notifications. Once approved, you can once again say “Hey Google, read my messages,” and then the Assistant will read the message, the app where it came from, and the person who sent it.

Upon testing, the feature appears to be working well with apps such as Telegram, Pulse SMS, Slack, and WhatsApp. However, when a message received contains photos, videos, or audio notes, the Google Assistant will simply say “the message just contains an audio attachment.”

Google Assistant's capability to read messages from third-party messaging apps appears new, but it is possible that some users have had it for a while as a test.

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