Traveling can sometimes be difficult when it is difficult to navigate even when using a map. With Google’s new Live View feature, people can easily navigate and still enjoy the view thanks to Augmented Reality technology.

Google Maps AR Navigation

Google Maps’ AR feature was first announced in 2018, and entered private testing in February. By 2019 Pixel users were able to enjoy it. After months of testing, the feature finally has a name, Live View, and Android and iPhone users with devices that support ARKit and ARCore will be able to use it.

Compared to basic GPS which tells you where you are but not where you are facing, Live View uses what Google calls “Visual Positioning System” which works by combining GPS, camera footage, and visual data to determine where a user is and where he or she needs to go.

Using Live View

Live View only requires the users to point the camera at their surroundings, and AR technology will help the user see which way to go by flashing arrows in the right direction.

People who have a compatible device and would like to try out the feature need only to input their destination, click on Walking Directions, and choose Live View to try it out. For now, it is only available for walking navigation, and there is no word on whether Google will eventually implement it for vehicle navigation.

Google Maps

Apart from Live View, Google Maps is also now a better travel companion. Through the app, users can also see their flight and hotel reservation by simply tapping the “Your Places” and then the “Reservations” tab to see a list of upcoming trips.

Also, with the “Your Match” feature, travelers can find local restaurants, their must-try dishes, book a reservation, and even see how long the wait times are.

“After you’ve booked your trip, these new tools will simplify every step of your trip once you’ve touched down–from getting around a new city to reliving every moment once you’re home,” says Rachel Inman, UX Designer for Google Maps.

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