Google is rolling out Chrome OS 76, and the update is coming with support for virtual desktops, among other things.

This feature has been available in other platforms for years already, and now the Mountain View company is bringing its desktop operating system up to speed with the rest in this regard.

Virtual Desks

Google calls Chrome OS' virtual desktop support Virtual Desks, and it's arguably the biggest addition in the update.

The biggest advantage here is that users can now switch from one app layout to another at a tap of a button or, as Google puts it, separate work and play. In other words, multitasking just became better on the platform.

Other Features

In a post on the Chromebook forums, Google also highlighted a couple of other improvements coming with Chrome OS 76.

First off, there's a new accessibility feature called Automatic Clicks, and it's made for those who find it difficult to click buttons. All users have to do is point the cursor on an app or any other element, and it'll click it on its own after some time. It can do not only left clicks but also right clicks, double clicks, and click-and-drag commands.

Second, Google is making media controls simpler by adding options to pause or play any audio track coming from tabs or apps in the system menu.

Speaking of putting things in one place, all Google accounts being used on a Chromebook are now under Google Accounts in the settings menu, making it easier for users to manage them.

Another improvement that the company is bringing is the new "Release Notes," which was spotted first by Chrome Story (via Android Police). Typically, average Chromebook users aren't exactly filled in on the details each time an update launches until someone happens to chance on some new feature or goes through a change log that's geared toward developers rather than everyday users. Thanks to the new feature of sorts, users will be directed to a summary that's easy on the eyes after installing an update.

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