Google for Education is unveiling a new feature that can help both teachers and students turn in original reports. One of the things educators can do with the tool “Assignments” is check their students’ work for plagiarism in just one search. This is a good option but if you can't afford premium version of it, you can check free Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker. 

Plagiarism Checker

There is no denying that students nowadays have incredible access to information like never before. While this is convenient for both students and educators, it also makes it harder to detect potentially plagiarized work, whether or not it is intentional.

Now, Google has unveiled a plagiarism checker available on Assignments and Classroom that can help teachers detect plagiarized work in just a single search by cross-referencing it with hundreds of billions of web pages and tens of millions of books. The reports then point out ineffective paraphrasing, unmentioned citations, and even unintended plagiarism due to being too similar to another source.

This not only helps teachers to detect plagiarism and lessen their time in grading, but it can also help students to uphold academic integrity by giving them a chance to make sure that they did not commit any unintended plagiarism in the works that they will submit.

Google Assignments

Apart from the originality checker, Google’s Assignments tool also has other features to help educators. With it, they can easily create assignments and send them to students, as well as organize their work by class, date, and even students. It also allows them simplify their grading process and easily leave feedback on their students’ works using the comment bank which stores their most frequently used feedbacks. What’s more, Google assures the privacy and security of using these tools.

“We never assume ownership of your data – that belongs to you and your students. Our responsibility is to keep it more secure. And because Assignments was built for education, it meets rigorous compliance standards,” said Google, noting the privacy laws that they are strictly upholding including the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

According to Google, using these tools don’t just help educators, but they also prepare the students for the workforce as they will also be using the Google tools that even big companies use.

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