Sonos' first-ever portable Bluetooth speaker suffered the same fate as any major smartphone in the last five years or so — it leaked. WinFuture shared the first initial details about the device, showing, apart from pictures, a clearer idea of how the speaker is going to work.

WinFuture also shared what it's called — the Sonos Move. The device won't just be a slightly compacted Sonos One with a battery as many others re speculating. It's got a recessed grip to help the user carry it around from place to place, and this is also where the toggle between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi home connections resides.

Sonos Move Leaks

The publication notes that the pictures are "official marketing images" of the new speaker, and although everything on the internet must be taken with a grain of salt, the content seems to be highly legitimate.

Apart from the handle, the images also give a first glimpse at the stationary base station and ports for charging. As it turns out, the device can be charged either via the traditional USB Type-C port or the two charging contacts near the base of the speaker. This design is a smart choice, as it lets the user extend their Sonos' audio network into the backyard or a bathroom, for instance, or any place beyond the reach of a Wi-Fi signal.

What Isn't Known

Except those mentioned above, other details remain nebulous. For example, it's not currently clear how much battery life the device offers, and whether it's waterproof or dustproof. It's also not clear if it has the ability to pair with other Sonos speakers for stereo or surround sound. Most importantly, the price tag remains up in the air.

As per an earlier report from The Verge, the speaker is allegedly taller and slightly wider than the Sonos One or Play:1, supports hands-free voice commands from either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, and, when in Bluetooth mode, isn't able to be controlled via the Sonos App — rather, it behaves like any Bluetooth speaker in that when it's paired, it plays.

In any case, these details should arrive very, very soon. Sonos is expected to host a press event that kicks off this Aug. 26, so expect new information to come out by then. To view the Sonos Move in more detail, make sure to check out WinFuture's website.

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