The Metropolitan Transport Authority (MTA) is getting tired of picking up AirPods on train tracks and is considering releasing a public service announcement (PSA) to its daily commuters. The main idea is to lessen the train delays caused by dropped AirPods.


Ever experienced losing an AirPod while waiting for the train and having to call New York City Subway personnel to help you get it? Evidently, a lot of people have, and the MTA is getting tired of it.

On Wednesday, a spokesperson from the MTA told The Wall Street Journal that the agency is thinking of releasing a PSA to urge commuters to refrain from putting their AirPods on or taking them off while exiting or entering a train. It seems like such a small thing to release a PSA for, but AirPod rescues are evidently more common and more problematic than some people might think.

AirPods Rescue

For instance, on a recent Thursday noon, there were 18 requests to fetch lost items on the tracks, six of which were for AirPods. According to MTA Maintenance Supervisor Steven Dluginski, transit workers use an 8-foot pole that can grab the objects that fall on the tracks, but with the AirPods’ small size, they are likelier to get stuck in cracks and other hard-to-reach places.

These AirPods rescues tend to cause train delays that the MTA is hoping to alleviate with the simple PSA.

MTA Lost And Found

Apart from AirPods falling on the tracks, just this August, there were at least 15 AirPods that were left behind in buses and trains. Anyone who finds lost or left small items on the train are instructed to leave it at the nearest subway station booth agent, while larger items should be dropped off at the NYCT Lost and Found Office at 34-Penn Station subway station because booth agents are not allowed to open their door for security reasons.

Items are held between three months and three years depending on their value. Unclaimed items within the retention period will be auctioned off to help fund MTA services.

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