After years of serving the market with quality budget to midrange smartphones, Motorola is getting ready to plunge back into the premium line with a planned 5G phone.

Motorola 5G Phone In The Future?

The company is reportedly working on a standalone 5G-capable phone that doesn't need a modular attachment or Mod to morph into a 5G handset. According to reports, the company is looking into introducing a high-end 5G model as it turned in a profit for the first time in a decade.

It is already out in the open that Motorola is working on a different type of 5G technology that could go directly into a device. This sub-6GHz form of 5G that Motorola is developing would be able to keep phones from becoming bulky with the extra parts. As to when it would be available, Motorola has no time frame yet, but it will take less than three years.

The company also did not share the price for its planned 5G phone, but it is speculated that the handset could cost more than $500 and might even go for as much as $800. Even with this price range, it would still cost less than rival flagship models.

"If you put out a $399 5G phone, you're going to have to sacrifice a lot of the elements that people value," said Francoise LaFlamme, Motorola's chief strategy and marketing officer.

"Our goal is to bring 5G down to more manageable levels. Today it's a small segment that would value 5G over everything else you put in a device. For the foreseeable future, price points for 5G will remain high," the Motorola executive said.

Motorola can still fetch reasonable prices for its new phones. The Moto G7 costs $300, while the Motorola One Zoom that comes with a four-camera setup costs $450. The priciest among its latest models is the Moto X4 with a $500 tag.

The Moto Z3, Motorola's own "5G" device, costs $480 from Verizon. However, 5G speed on this smartphone is only possible with the Moto Mod that costs an additional $350.

High Hopes For The New Motorola One Zoom

The Motorola One Zoom, which launched at the IFA 2019 electronics show in Germany, gathered positive reviews and feedback for its high-on-value-yet-low-on-price package.

This particular phone model was even listed as among the top 5 smartphones unveiled at the IFA. It costs almost half of the premium smartphones with a $450 unlocked price when purchased from Motorola's website. 

The One Zoom could really grab some attention from users looking for fairly high-end camera phone. It is packed with an 8-megapixel telephoto zoom lens, hence its name. It also features a primary 48-megapixel camera with OIS and night vision mode, a 16-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera, a front-facing 25-megapixel camera, and lastly, a 5-megapixel depth camera, which allows image adjustments post-capture.

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